My libido is high, I’m enjoying my interactions with women more than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, the title is a bit suggestive, but also the full truth. Today I thought, hey, I’m at 90 days, and still, that special milestone doesn’t offer any gratification at all.

After 90 days, I’m back the old vnnv again. I life again. I feel again. I’m myself again.

The journey for me started last year when I found NoFap. I’ve had numerous streaks there, but never got to 90. And right now, I’m finally at 90, I don’t appreciate it at all in comparison with all the progress I’ve made. I’ve learned so much. I’ve fought my demons. And I’m back on top. It was a difficult year with a lot of painful emotions to process, but it has all been worth it.

Those are the things that give gratification and happiness. Having put in the work, losing the addiction to porn and being happy again. The 90 days is just a day.

My libido is high, I’m enjoying my interactions with women more than ever and I feel much more at ease with being sexual again. I’ve started masturbating without porn and fantasies and all after the two month mark and it has been a good thing. Learning to be sexual again alone without shame and issues has been great for me.

This page and the yourbrainonporn movement have been a blessing. I’m very grateful for this page and all the work of you guys.

Yesterday when I journalled about this, I wrote the following words:

The key to a happy life is doing the things that make you happy. I will have more difficult times, but I can take it. As long as I’m true to myself and what makes me happy, and work towards my goals and dreams and have my intrinsic happiness and validation, I’ll get back on top.

Thanks a thousand times.

LINK – 90 days pornfree and I don’t even care that much anymore

by vnnv420