My skin is vibrant, my eyes are piercing and I am finally a true man. I have energy for life

I have healed considerably and my body has heavily regenerated from what was years of torture I put upon it. Porn, masturbation, drinking, drugs, and general lack of regard for health had placed me in what I thought was an unrecoverable and hopeless position.

But nature is resilient. Very very resilient. The human body is a part of nature and therefore exhibits high amounts of resilience. Millions of years of evolution have made it strong and adaptable but it keeps a strong link to its original identity. Years of bad habits, porn and drugs will hurt it and keep hurting it, but its amazing how a few months of sobriety can completely reverse the damage.

Today I have quit pornography, excessive masturbation, drinking alcohol, drugs and smoking. I have quit my abnormal sleeping and eating patterns. I have stopped living the lifestyle of a couch potato and am 1000 times healthier than I have probably ever been (save for the first few years of my life). My skin is vibrant, my eyes are piercing and I am finally a true man. I have energy for life. I don’t cower from people. I stand up straight and am proud of myself for who I am. I am a warrior, and one day you guys will be too.

You can do this guys. Maybe you don’t have to give up masturbation forever. But the porn. It has to go. The bad habits have to go. All of them. Every last one. Suffer through some months of hell. You will thank yourself later. A couple months of hell, and you get decades of happiness. You do the math.

Today I am leaving noFap. And I am leaving reddit. I am also mostly leaving the internet except for some basic email and work functionality. I find that I don’t need it anymore. I live a real life with real people now. I communicate with real people I know and I want to have real relationships with people. But I will always be grateful for noFap and the pornfree communities. They spurred the change in me.

As some parting words, heres what a 98 year old veteran (WW2) once said to me in passing. I met him on a flight from New York to Berlin a few years ago. “Theres nothing that can help you more than yourself. ” This guy had lived through 2 wars, riots and horrible times. At one point he was a smoker and heavy drinker. He was a terrible person at some points in his life. He beat his wife and hurt many people close to him. But he changed his ways apologized to the people he hurt and truly repented. And guess what? They forgave him, every last one of them because he earned back their respect. Were all human. We all make mistakes. But its what we do with them that counts. I still can’t believe he told me about his life but I guess it really didn’t matter to him. He had already lived his life. I never ever thought of that quote until I started a few months of quitting porn. And then it hit me like a truck. All these years I never tried, but always blamed others for my problems. I caused problems for myself and others. But the only person that needed to make the change was me.

Make that change today. You are a great person inside. But you need to start being one on the outside because that it what you see and others see. Good luck and farewell.

LINK – Today I leave noFap for good.

by jackrabbit48