My social life skyrocketed, I love to help people, I have a definite purpose

(90 days) I failed on day 89 once before. This failure was purely from edging, and I made the decision to completely quit it. Edging is what kept me from success! Here I will tell my improvements in Nofap, and a story about my first real girlfriend.

Social life – As soon as I started nofap my social life skyrocketed. I can talk to basically anyone. I made new and improved friendships. I absolutely love to help people. I love making connections, and in general my happiness in life has been extremely consistent. Im experiencing new emotional connections with people that ive never before. People are now coming to me for advice because of my rational choices. I bring happiness to everyone around me with just a simple compliment. I have showed more empathy toward others than ive ever done. All of my friends and my family have noticed my improvements.

I’m a Monk – I currently feel like a monk. I visualize and meditate my goals in the morning and night. I use my sexual energy toward work. Objectifying women has completely diminished. When I look at women with lust I feel a huge dopamine rush that I cant even accept anymore. I can only get turned on by a woman that I truly like. Fantasizing about naked women has left my life. I feel like what a man is suppose to feel like.

Definite purpose – I have found my definite purpose in life and I will continuously pursue this purpose until I achieve it. I have defeated procrastination in all areas of my life. I am becoming a multi tasked man, and entrepreneur. In fact I have formed a master mind group of people that inspire each other. We will all work toward my main goal in life. My school work has improved drastically, and my memory retention will never stop getting better. I pay attention to details A LOT more.

My first true girlfriend – I’m currently crying while im writing this post. My girlfriend of 2 months broke up with me on day 89. On that same night we told each other that we love each other. I have completely experienced what love feels like because it makes me cry. She was diagnosed with ADD. Her negativity is overwhelming, and I only show signs of concern, but she see’s unhappiness in me. She broke up with me because she doesnt want to fuck up our relationship. All I wanted to do is help her. I introduced her to Dr. Amen, who can help completely normalize the chemistry in her brain. She said she’ll do the program on her own. I knew from that, she is going to be completely healed. But until then we are friends that love each other. Even if we work out or not in the end I have learned new emotions and feelings. I am still a virgin, but I am more of a man than ever before.

I am sure this will inspire all of you, please continue to spread the word, the world needs more men.

LINK – 90 Days – Im a monk

by LeetStrats