My Superpower Story

I originally planned to write my whole no-fap story, but realized halfway that it was becoming a book haha ;D.

(P.S. – It is important to note that although my badge is in the single digits :[ I’ve fapped on less than 15 days in this entire year.)

I always loved reading the SUPERPOWER stories on this forum.

They motivated me to continue my journey.

Now it’s my turn to share.

I sat down at orientation for a job. Across the room I spotted a cute girl and made eye contact with her (I never had the guts to do this before NoFap). I smiled and looked her dead in the eye (I could feel a beam of sexual energy being transmitted through the air) , she was beautiful.

More beautiful than any pornstar I fapped to.

I didn’t want to just fuck her.

I wanted to get to know her.

I wanted an emotional bond. She smiled and looked down.

I RIPPED out a piece of paper from the packet they handed out, put my number on it, and calmly walked up to her.

“You’re cute. Text me”


I’m here to say that it’s worth it to wake THE FUCK up.

Realize that life’s more colorful outside of your screen.

Realize that if you don’t wake up now, it’ll be harder down the road.

Realize that your MAKING LOVE TO PICTURES instead of REAL WOMEN.

Your brain is amazing. Cut out it’s source of happiness and it will go bat-shit crazy. It’ll force YOU TO CHANGE.

Looking back a year at my younger self, I only have one word to describe what he was like.


He smothered himself in self-induced ecstasy, similar to drug addicts.

In a year from now, when I look back at my current self. I too will only have one word. I was a fighter.

LINK – My Superpower Story

by HowdIFuckUp



UPDATE 1 – 30 Day Report: Too Many Benefits

After about 9 months, I’ve finally been able to hit the 30 Day Benchmark!

A list of Pros I’ve encountered throughout this journey:

.1. Superhuman Confidence – I used to be quite hesitant when it came to talking to strangers. I would doubt myself and ask myself, “should i actually do it?” or ,”what would he/she think of me?”. What I’ve noticed over the past few months is that I can now do this with much more ease. Just yesterday I saw a kid that I’ve seen around on campus, but never talked to. I was in a crowded Duane Reade sitting on one of their lawn chairs by the door when i spot this kid. I jumped outta my chair with excitement and walked up to him and introduced myself on the spot. Later when i reflected on this i was surprised by how little hesitation i had.

Other feats of Super-confidence include:

-Pretending to be a penguin in a room filled with beautiful woman

-Dancing on the street while walking to work

-Almost never losing an eye contact face-off

-Going up to girls and directly asking them for their numbers

(P.S. Because of this, I am currently dating a amazing beautiful girl who also supports this journey)

-Asking a bride to marry me in front of her husband

-Crashing random parties

.2. A Sense of Purpose – I used to just lay around from year to year. I never had real goals in my mind. Just a year ago, during the senior year of my high school (the pinnacle of my high school career), I would literally just lay on the floor during all my free time and sleep.

Now I have things on my mind. These are actually subreddits too. So be free to check them out! I have goals:

/r/Keto– a high fat low carb diet. Sounds ridiculous cause everyone tells us fats are bad but check out /r/keto.

/r/NoFap– which is a journey in itself. A battle to escape the addiction

/r/Fitness– exercise will give you so many benefits. People look treat you differently when your fit

/r/Seduction– seduction may seem like a cheesy/lame way to pickup chicks. however i find it to be more about becoming a more confident person all around and going for what you desire in life.

/r/LucidDreaming– enter a world where you are god. what doesn’t sound good about that?

/r/Nootropics – smart drugs that enhance your cognitive abilities. I actually love taking Noopept because it makes the world seem sharper!

/r/Meditation – learn to relax and calm your mind

/r/Dance – makes you feel so alive and joyful

.3. Free Time – Taking PMO out from my life gave me more energy and also gave me way more time. I used to come back from a hard day at school and just fap myself to sleep. Now I go out with friends, read, and do all the these other things that NoFap has made available for me!

.4. Control over Emotions – I felt more in control of my life and my emotions. I could sit down and think about my problems logically. I felt more at peace and happy with my life in general/

A note on withdrawal symptoms: I would get extremely sick and feel like absolute shit for certain days. This is normal and you just have to remember that it’ll be worth it once you pass!!


UPDATE – Advice That Will Change You

This has truly been an amazing journey for me. I had a streak of 111 days up till, well…now. There are a lot of reasons for my relapse, many of which stem from larger ideas that i discovered during my trek. Here are a couple of ideas that effected me greatly:

  1. Low-self worth is directly correlated with lying to yourself – I came across this jewel while reading “The Social Animal”, Elliot Arnson. Basically what it says is that when you go against your true morals, there is cognitive dissonance. Personally I used shoplift a lot. My mentality would be that if i can take it it is rightfully mine. After beginning this NoFap journey i became MUCH MUCH more aware of my thought process behind such things. Stealing stemmed from an urge to harm others because i was angry at what others have accomplished. This also means that when we half-ass things, like watching softcore, or looking at pictures of pretty girls, we are lying to ourselves. This is one of the reasons i have decided to relapse. I felt like i was half-assing this journey (occasionally looking at softcore)
  2. There is no magic pill that will instantly make life better – The only magic pills that make life feel better last for a few hours. They are called drugs. I have experienced a couple of them, and yes…the ecstasy you feel on it is pretty awesome, but it doesn’t last long and it doesn’t fill that empty void you have sitting in your stomach. I used to go to these things for comfort and i still occasionally do. However, during my journey I also joined a couple of dance teams. The joy I felt after performing in front of hundreds of people at my school was…quite different than the one i felt after popping a pill. It is one of those few times in my life that I felt FULL. Other accomplishments include working out, forcing myself to do something and doing it, and many others. All of these give you a sense of fullness. So go out and DO SOMETHING
  3. Love Yourself – I probably came across this piece of advice somewhere in /r/askreddit . It goes something like this, there’s only one person who is always by your side. It is up to you whether or not you love him/her. This person is you. I know a lot of us, myself included, look for outside sources of validation. I personally have a habit of looking towards good-looking woman to see whether or not I am worthy of…well love. A lot of the advice that seems to pop up to help fix this problem is to basically LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF.

-pamper yourself (groom yourself, dress yourself like a boss)

-stay positive (start giving positive feedback to yourself instead of criticizing)

-spend time with yourself (do you have a hobby? spend some time each day working on your craft, and notice how chill you feel JUST HANGING OUT WITH YOURSELF)

-Do good deeds with no expectation of anything in return (This is kind of a trick that i use. I would do kind deeds to people in which NO WAY i could possible receive anything back. Giving change to the homeless, swiping people in with my unlimited metrocard, helping people move things. The key here is that you can’t expect anything in return. You start thinking to yourself…heck I’m a damn good person)

And last but not LEAST

  1. Observe Yourself – Start keeping a journal. Start meditating and becoming conscious of your thoughts. I used to be completely oblivious to my actions and feelings. Now I am able to take a step back and think to myself, “huh…I felt like this right after this…Im starting to think these thoughts because of this.” This gives you a huge advantage as it lets you mold yourself. It is easy to look to others for advice, but it is hard to actually APPLE THEM when it doesn’t come from deep down within you. You must realize what you want in life, deeply ponder on them, and actually accept what must be done. This is the same for your value and virtues, you can not just read a line and have your mind changed.

Hopefully, this will help many of you new Astronauts that are just beginning this journey. I for one have relapsed, but with great expectations in mind. I have slacked on almost all of these points, but at the same time deeply integrated them into my thought. I feel disgusting with myself, and weak. Because of this i have decided to restart my NoFap journey with all these points in mind. Good Luck and Stay Strong!