Near the worst case of PIED cured. It’s possible everyone.

Here is my story. I started masturbating at the age of 8, moved on to tube porn aged 10. fetishes started at age 11. I did some weird shit that still haunts me. I had to watch the weirdest shit to get it up. I remember watching normal porn and being completely flaccid.  I ruined family relationships due to my excessive need for stimulation.

Nearly every single experience I have had with a girl, i have been 100% flaccid save a few when i was younger. Still a virgin because of PIED despite countless chances to have sex. That was the worst, making excuses to reject girls and seriously hurting them because of my problem. I felt like suicide.

I found YBOP about a year ago and decided to change my life around. At first, I found quitting porn extremely easy however it was like my dick died. I can’t say that my reboot was completely clean, there were periods where I would masturbate for weeks because I just couldn’t be fucked to stick with it. I would find that every time I masturbated I would lose all of my progress. I relapsed to porn several times due to marijuana. Guys, stick off drugs while rebooting. It really fucks up your willpower and increased my anxiety ridiculously as I began seeing my life as pointless if I couldn’t even reproduce.

My progress was also not linear. I basically had a dead dick for a year. I can tell you though that a year on, it definitely gets better. I am getting semis thinking about girls and 100% morning wood. When I now get erections, they are hard as fuck. I feel as if i could now have sex. If you are giving up hope, know that whatever problems in life you encounter, you have to make them the best thing that ever happened to you. I look back on PIED and see how it changed me as a person. I changed my diet, I started going to the gym regularly, I meditate and I learned patience. Lastly, i took an erection cocktail that really did help.

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Tribulus
  • Panax ginseng
  • Catuba bark (This one is the fucking shit for PIED, it actually helps with dopamine problems. I strongly recommend trying it. )

It’s worth spending the money to buy these supplements, try everything and have an undefeated mind.

Thank you everyone for posting on this site and giving me support when I needed it most. It really does get better, even if you have to wait a year.

LInk to post – near the worst case of PIED cured. Its possible everyone.

By usadonkey


UPDATEMay 04, 2014,


My story:

To begin with, I have been hyper sexual since I was a child. When I was about 5 years old I would hump my blanket and pillows and orgasm even though I couldn’t cum (Form of release due to bad parenting). When I was about 10 I first discovered porn and my addiction soon spiraled. I would watch porn first thing in the morning, throughout the day and I soon couldn’t sleep at night without watching porn or cumming. I started watching hardcore porn by 11-12 and I soon developed fetishes. I remember on new year 2010 I stayed in and edged to transsexual porn so that I would cum at exactly 12. That was one of the lowest points of my life. I also tried to hump dogs when I was about 12-13 as I needed a new sexual outlet as I was already extremely desensitized to porn.  I also desensitized myself further by using sex toys and wearing women clothes. It was disgusting.  I began to try and have sex with girls from 18 years old and found my dick was dead. I also hurt girls by telling them it was them not me and I even made one girl cry.


About a year and a half ago, I vowed to make a change. I found it easy to stop watching porn but abstaining from masturbation was extremely difficult. I  was alreadly flatlined before i started my reboot, however I stayed in the flatline for about a year. My dick was so little and shrivelled. I did everything I could to fix myself. I even smashed my laptop in order to stop myself being tempted from watching porn. I read about rewiring so I would stay with a girl even though it was incredibly awkward with my limp dick and I tried to have sex god knows how many times. I didn’t fucking give up. I fought through that pain. I abstained from porn and masturbation for literally a year and saw little- no benefits with my penis other than the fact that I saw other girls as more attractive. Finally, about half a year ago, I brought some viagra. This gave me a hardon which allowed me to lose my virginity and get over my huge fear of sex. I had to take 3 viagra just to make sure I would stay hard (don’t take 3, it properly fucks you up). Finally I am out of the flatline and now I get spontaneous erections looking at women, something that I had lost for years. I still don’t get alot of morning wood however (once a week). My tactic for rewiring is to not orgasm or try not to orgasm for anything other than sex. Bjs over handjobs as handjobs mimic masturbation thus strengething addiction pathways. However ONLY CUM  WHEN YOU START HAVING SEX If you premature ejaculate, try deep breathing in order to develop control.

What helped me the most:

In order to get over PIED and various bouts of depression that accompany it, one has to make a huge lifestyle change. You have to ask yourself, how badly do I want to be free? How badly do I want to have sex again or have sex for the first time?  I know that if you felt like I did you would do everything you could to change. You have to strengthen your mind and inner discipline so much to a point that watching porn is not an option. The way to beating P.I.E.D is not through drugs like viagra or supplements, it’s through controlling your mind and showing it who the fuck is boss. An addiction is basically where you have let your mind beat you as you don’t have the willpower to resist porn. Build that fucking willpower. Show your mind how fucking powerful you are. I promise you that if you stick to the things below, however bad your PIED is, even if it takes you a year, you will fix yourself.

MEDITATION. I meditated 40 minutes a day (20 morning and evening) for about a year. This was the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN CONTROLLING URGES, Meditation is known to reduced addiction pathways in the brain aswell as improving rational thinking instead of impulse thinking. It will also help ease anxiety over sex which is another big one if you are trying to rewire with a girl

COLD SHOWERS Cold showers develop such mental strength that if you do this and meditation, your urges will be so dramatically reduced that your reboot will seem like a breeze. (Spartans took cold showers and they were hard as fuck) 5 minutes every morning and evening for the rest of your life, even in winter. Shout and scream and dance about if you have to.  After a while you will notice that the your body adapts to the stress of the water. Are you willing to be uncomfortable for 10 minutes every day in order to have a sex life? Yes it is fucking tough and like going through hell but do you want your penis back? As someone said on this site, if you are going through hell, keep going.

E.D DRUGS If and only if you have gone several months without any signs of improvement, buy some e.d. drugs from either online or your doctor so that you can rewire with confidence. For me, rewiring with sex and orgasm has boosted my progress the most. However you must meditate and take cold showers aswell so that you are not tempted to relapse and binge to porn with e.d. drugs as that can be a disaster.

NO FACEBOOK/ LESS INTERNET :ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AGAIN!!!! The less you go on Facebook/ internet, the less you are exposed to swimsuit/sexy pictures which stimulate your brain. I found women so much more attractive after cutting out Facebook completely. If you build the inner discipline from the meditation and showers, this will be so much easier.


Horny Goat weed
Yohimbe ( some seriously strong shit, side effects are hardcore but does give you a hardon)
Ginkgo biloba
L Tyrosine

Damiana ( but gives you loads of cum)
Saw palmetto
D aspartic acid
L arginine
L cittruline
Mucuna pruriens
L phenylalanine

I recently had sex without e.d. drugs so I consider myself rewired. Thanks everyone on this site for posting and contributing especially gameover, underdog and gary. I love you all.