Never in my wildest dreams – 90 days: Boy it has turned around my life

Yes, I am proud to hit the landmark. I once relapsed on my 52nd day and felt really bad. Never thought even in my wildest dream that I will come this far. But boy it has turned around my life. I also quit smoking and drinking. I now read a lot of books and bought a guitar that I am going to learn how to play. And of course, Women is there!! I also rejected sex with few prostitutes as well. Because I value my relationships with women and want to have control over my sexual desires. I only like sex with those who I have connected with emotionally. Its much much better.

I am now more into spiritualism, tantric sex and semen retention now and working on becoming a multi-orgasmic man. 90 day is just the beginning. I have decided just quitting Porn and Masturbation is not enough for me. Infact I want to stop ejaculation as well. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have orgasm. I will try practicing with my partners to orgasm without ejaculating and by retaining semen. Remember Porn, masturbation and to some extent ejaculation (as it is the vital life force) is bad but not orgasm. Try to separate the orgasm from these three and you will feel amazing. Look into your partner’s eyes when making love, exchange spiritual energy and trust me it will make you better in bed more than 90% of the guys. In the end I guess I have become more confident, attractive and a better human being. Peace out!

THREAD 90 Day is just a number

by boby_prit