No longer socially awkward, more confident & articulate, greater concentration

I am now confident i will not relapse again, except for a few days of wet dreams, which don’t count as a relapse anyway.. I am now 100% sure i have beaten the habit.. however I must remain cautious.. Here are a few of the changes to my life

1) I am more conscious of improving my life in every way possible

2) I hate being on my own, i always spend more time with people now

3) I have girls allover me now

4) I enjoy music more

5) I feel more athletic and healthy

6) I feel less guilty

7) I am more articulate

8) I am not socially akward anymore

9) Motor skills are improved

10) Concentration is improved

Thats just a few improvements and changes off the top of my head.. Its awesome to be pornfree for this long.. My advice to those with long streaks is do not lose it. For those who just relapsed, do not give up! My name is relapsed again, but soon i will need to change that handle because i do not see myself repeating this cycle again. There was a time i could not get past 1 week!!

Thanks pornfree, you all are awesome!

LINK – I am confident

by relapsedagain_30