No more depression or social anxiety, increased confidence, I feel like a rock

90 Days have passed. It wasn’t easy but it’s worth it. My next mission is to “survive” this year without masturbation. Without porn is becoming quite easy although the temptation is still there.


  • no more depression
  • no more social anxiety (i really had a problem with this one)
  • increased energy
  • i sleep less, i almost never feel tired, i feel stronger, more stamina 
  • increased confidence
  • i feel like a rock
  • in control of my feelings
  • this is a big one. Nothing seems to bother me
  • increased attention
  • a deeper/stronger voice
  • increased attention from women – they strike random conversation, they touch their hair a lot, they smile all the time, they are the ones who text first…
  • no more procrastination
  • more time
  • i realized that i don’t need a woman to make me happy – i want one but i don’t need one


  • severe headaches (i never realized how addicted i was until those f%cking headaches)
  • flatlines
  • increased anger (easier to control after 6 weeks)

So… is it worth it? Hell yes! No more porn or masturbation for me. I guess that sex is ok but not for a while. I want to be in the best shape of my life before that.

How did i get past these 90 days: work, running, reading (a lot), hobbies, music, movies, spending time with friends

Tip: block facebook. For some reason it makes me sad, a lot of temptation there.

LINK – 90 Days, Hardmode – Benefits, Cons

by angel3110


120 Days Hardmode

4 months without PMO. This makes me feel like i can do anything. I finally found the control i was looking for. I can finally control myself, my thoughts and my actions. I am the master of my mind and nothing is going to change that. My objective: one year without PM. Sex is not out of the picture. Summer is coming.

Benefits: – increased energy – increased stamina – no more depression – no more social anxiety – a “don’t give a fuck attitude” – a badass attitude – in control of my thoughts and reactions – a good mood in general – i tried to be sad today, i couldn’t – women like to touch me all of a sudden

Cons? Sorry. None.


UPDATE – 329 days and counting…

I started NoFap in January. Since then, 329 days have passed, only 2 wet dream. Well, 1 and a half. I managed to stop one. Monk/hard mode (first half).

  • increased strength
  • confidence through the roof
  • no more anxiety
  • increased efficiency
  • no more procrastination
  • ambition through the roof
  • more energy
  • IDGAF attitude
  • increased attention from women
  • feelings under control (after 2 months of increased anger)
  • i managed to double the work i did last year

The main point is that i feel and look better. And i know that you want to ask me about women. If you really

want to understand women, i suggest you try the Red Pill ( I found all the

answers there and it really helped. Give it a try. Of course, you can ask me anything.