No more lethargy or depression, increased confidence, and my art has improved

I am at 109 days now I know. I actually kinda forgot about this sub, and I have been so focused on other things in life. But, this has changed me in some surprising ways and figure I should share the experience. Well it started off as a competition between my friends to see who could last the longest without fapping. He told me about this place too.

I came here thinking that it was somewhat tosh. I figured that it could be a legitimate problem for some, and it’s a good thing they are taking care of it. But of course I don’t have a problem with fapping. At least that is what I liked telling myself.

Now I won the competition, it only went on for three weeks. But after I went and fapped and got back into my usual routine I noticed that it had an effect on me. I had been more awake, had more energy and been less depressed when I didn’t fap.

I suppose I should give a bit of background before I continue. I started fapping in 3rd grade and then it quickly became a habit to do before bed every night. Hey, it helps me sleep was my excuse. Also sometime around 5th or 6th grade I became really depressed (I hate to describe it as that cause I have never been to a doctor for it). My self confidence since then has always been extremely low. I have always been obsessed with trying to find a girlfriend, but never doing anything to get one.

Back to the main story. Since it had an effect I started dabbling in not fapping more, tho never completely serious. I had made it around a month at my best during those times. I tried to keep it at a healthier level, never very successful when I did fap; I went into my routine till I got pissed off enough to try again.

My turning point into getting serious, wasn’t very dramatic. I had stayed up late again playing with my toys and finding the “perfect” video to finish to. I got mad at the fact it was 2AM and I had to be up at 6AM for work. I just decided to throw away all my toys and not leave my phone in my bedroom anymore to charge. If I ended up looking at my phone in bed at all it lead to porn and it worked great as you can tell.

Fast forward around 2 month and I started seeing fantastic benefits. I wasn’t tried at work anymore. My depression had gone away to and this may be the most surprising of all. I stopped caring about trying to find a girlfriend. I don’t even care that I am a virgin. I am at peace about that. It’s not that I don’t think I could get one if I tried either. I’m just happy with the way my life is now.

Also and this is the benefit that makes me most happy. My drawings have improved a ton. I am an artist, I finally started drawing around two years ago even tho, it is what I wanted to do my whole life. It most likely has improved just because I’m not tired (thanks to actually using my bed for sleep) and more aware of my surroundings. Art is very much about your visual memory.

Thanks to my self confidence getting better I have also finally decided to start a comic like I always wanted to. I actually just finished drawing the first chapter today and I feel amazing thanks to it. I’m not sure why my confidence got so much better. Maybe testosterone?

This went on a lot longer then I thought it would. Hopefully it is not to dis-jointed. The only thing I can think of to add is that, no I don’t believe this gave me some sort of “super power”. I have been actually making pretty good progress in areas of my life for a few years now. Like when I finally started drawing a few years ago. My confidence did build up some already from the fact I was finally doing something rather then just feeling bad, watching cartoons and playing video games.

Nofap is not a magic bullet, you just need to the find the super power inside of you and unleash it. Nofap may be one of the keys to unlock it tho.

LINK – Post-90 Day Post: My Journey of Not Fapping

 by Crator1000