No more PIED. Have had healthy relationship with my wife.

Over 150 days and counting.  Have had healthy relationship with my wife. No more PIED. 

I still am working on my confidence and have a ways to go in that department. It can certainly done people.

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EARLIER POST  – Journal day 33

To provide a little background viewed p off and on occasionally most of my adult life.  Probably started out only once every 3 months or so.  Started using more regularly about 3 years ago.  Over the past 9-12 months got heavily into it.  Around that time started having PIED issues here and there.  Over the past five months it got worse.   My wife thought I was cheating on her.  So October tenth I came clean with her and told her.  Have been porn free for a month.  Trying to reboot.  It has almost cost me my marriage and family.  She has come around and agreed to stay with me if I quit and get better.  Have started running and exercising.  I am starting to rewire with her and am regaining feelings and am getting occasional erections again.  I’m not where I need to be but am getting there.  Feeling optimistic about things.  I am not currently having any issues with wanting to watch p at this point but am still concerned about getting back in the swing of things with my wife.