NoFap is the answer I was looking for the whole time.

Since I started my NoFap journey I experienced tremendous changes. The biggest of all of them is that I don’t need girls anymore to be truly happy. I don’t care if I have someone else in my life or not. But what it’s really about is that I simply don’t give a fuck about someone else’s opinion. And I am not playing it. I feel a weird kind of manly grounding to which I have built a deep connection to. I know it sounds a little bit funny but that is actually what is happening to me. It is very real. No games. No bullshit. Just me.

Ironically girls like that. They somehow feel the “realness” of a man. They started chasing me and get very sad when I am not calling them. My whole life I tried to figure out what it is that girls like and who could have known that NoFap is the answer I was looking for the whole time.

To those who are unsure about this: Of course NoFap alone isn’t the answer but I believe that NoFap is the most challenging obstacle one has to overcome to become truly successful.

I don’t give a fuck