Not “addicted” but a lot of my old bullshit has fallen to the wayside

I was never terribly addicted but did NoFap more as a test. I still feel much more in control and overall happier. I talk to girls A LOT and I barely need to “spit game”. I get looks and just ask for their contact info and it’s basically pretty easy.

Sure I still get rejected but it doesn’t faze me, because I have no idea where she is at in life. Maybe her cat just died, maybe she has a boyfriend that shes very happy with or maybe she just hates guys with facial hair. Who knows?

Since starting, I’ve been training for the Beijing marathon which I will compete in in about 2 weeks and I’m gonna kick its ass.

I just got back from Bali this past week after fulfilling my 10 year dream of learning to surf and while I was there met an incredible Korean girl that I had a short fling with.

Not to say that every part of my life is great now, but it’s much easier to see the parts that need focus and a lot of my old bullshit has kind of fallen to the wayside like layers of an onion to reveal the core of importance in my life.

As for superpowers…well the above is “super” enough for me. Being able to feel my emotions more fully, both happiness and sadness is a great gift.

If you’re struggling. Keep struggling. Life is about challenging and leaving behind the weaker versions of yourself. Don’t give up. Ever. You won’t regret it.

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while. I am no longer subscribed to nofap so it slipped my mind. I unsubscribed not because I gave up but because I no longer need support to not fap. I’ve still wandered to porn sites now and again but after clicking on the first video I just feel kind of dumb and close it within a minute or so.

LINK – 101 Day Report On Life Goals Girls and Superpowers

BY – KConstantin