Not addicted, but: stabilized self esteem, self confidence, better thinking, less social anxiety, and more.

Hi nofapers,

I’ve been reading around here for a while now and I just created my account to let you all know that yesterday I reached the 90 days of nofap. And my plan was to reward myself in getting a real girl. And so I did. Yesterday I had PIV and man, I was nervous and excited as f***. I’ve never felt like this before. I felt like a small kid looking at a pussy for the first time. Believe me, I could come just by thinking about sex with her. I told her that I don’t have such experiences with girls and let alone having sex with girls. The last time I had sex was in summer 2011. Well what can I say. It was ultimately hot. to touch her, smell her, feel her, feel me inside her. I get aroused even right now while I’m writing this. She was cool. She gave us time to settle down, etc. but by the end when I was about to come a few seconds ago I really mutated to an animal or something. it was really nice to have such an experience after a long time.

Ok, here is my list of benefits of doing nofap:

  1. Less social anxiety (look girls in the eye, etc.) (I think everybody can relate to this)
  2. More power, especially more will power. and the more you get of it the more it will grow. it’s true it’s like a muscle you can train
  3. Sensitivity. (not only your penis. your whole body. it’s like a big soundbox vibrating to and with emotions you get/release. can’t describe this)
  4. Girls look different. no objectification anymore. you look for more natural girls. her face, her smile, her eyes. even when you look at her legs you think like: “these legs are really beautiful”. they hit you, you get aroused by just looking at them, but in a positive way. in way it should and meant to be.
  5. Much much more time to spend on other things
  6. Stabilized self esteem, self confidence, better thinking, no train of thoughts (foggy style)
  7. You can actually FEEL the rewiring in your brain. When I get aroused I have a strong feeling of dopamine and things jumping around in my brain
  8. Plus I get this feeling of exploding or getting weak in the area of my stomach or belly. like an adrenalin kick you get from something dangerous. I can’t describe this. When I met that girl I had this feeling with an extreme intense that I almost come just by looking at the bed in front of me, knowing that I will be lying there and have her beside me in a few seconds. I began to breath heavily, my knees got weak, my stomach/belly area was full of butterflies. incredible stuff. I just can’t describe it. you have to experience yourself. also these feelings do I have in front of my screen when an image of a hot girl (too much skin showed) pops up or on TV. Normally I don’t watch TV. But there is this one ad for a supermarket where this girl is walking around half naked with a tablet pc in front of her boobs. man, that feeling of getting aroused within SECONDS. a heavy dopamine rush into my blood. I couldn’t resist. I had to look away.
  9. Better concentration. my rule was “don’t start what you can’t finish” but I couldn’t stick to that alltime. so I got some projects lying around over time (private and business things) I can start with again and finish them finally because I got the will power now
  10. I don’t have the urge to fap ever again. at least right now this is the feeling I have
  11. I do some heavy lifting. It’s cool. Wouldn’t have imagine that it’s so much fun. It increases your will power and your body weight. I could increase my weight within these 3 months and I gained 8 kilo of muscles. Now I’m trying to get into shape with a shaping program. no more mass. more reps for better shapes.

During these 90 days I became aggressive for a while. I was walking like a pitbull. But I think it’s related to one experiment I did in that time. I tried to be a vegetarian and stopped after having these aggressive mindf****. of course I had urges, too. but you can manage them if you stay strong.

Important: I will continue with this. because I found it to be the best thing that could happen to me with other few things in my life. I can not imagine to fap ever again. Actually, the act of masturbation is gross and gay. Think about it, you “touch” yourself with a man’s hand. That thing is supposed to be touched by a girl or a woman. I don’t touch myself except in the shower and after urination. As I continue with this, I will try to hook up with girls as soon as my body and mind wants to connect to a girl. I will go the “natural” way of having my pleasures by having intercourse with real girls. not with pixels on my screen.

I don’t know whether or not I was addicted to porn, but it has been 90 days without PMO. I had several wet dreams (I didn’t count them, but like 7 or 8 times during the 90 days) and the last two were on my 90th day. so yesterday I had one at 4am and one at 7am. two in one night. And even I did come that night, I couldn’t last any longer than 10 minutes or so with that girl last night. this is the proof of the brain as the central sex organ. it’s your mind. not your penis. another important thing is that it’s not always the brain rewiring thing that must happen during this nofap time. The probably more important thing is that every drop of life juice (cum) you don’t waste, will be kept in your body and will feed your mind and soul (and body) with health and energy. energy that I was wasting my entire life. I’ve started fapping since 12 or so.

My plan: my plan is to continue and hook up with girls whenever I get the feeling for them or have the desire to have intercourse again. BUT: whenever I should fail to get laid with a girl within the next 90 days, (like when I’m on my 180th day and still not got laid), I will reward myself, my brain, and my soul, with a real woman (paid, escort). but I’m not sure with this. I’d like to know your opinions about this. It’s like my own rewarding system made especially for my brain to help rewiring or keep that rewired state. to let my brain know: “stick to real bodies”. if you know what I mean. so with this system, I would have sex every 3 months IF and ONLY IF I can NOT hook up with at least one girl within a period of each 90 days.

I could write more. but enough for now. if any questions, just ask.

tl;dr: stick to nofap. It gives you real benefits of being more conscious, self esteem and energy. nofap is natural. I rather decide to be with real girls. More time, more energy to do things and especially finish them. More me. stabilized emotions and state of mind.

LINK – Got my 90 days easily yesterday. List of benefits and my plan for future.

by testnofap