Now love myself, kissing my crush, 30lbs lighter


Kissed crush of 2 years last night. I’m not going to solely thank NoFap for this because that’s some BroFap logic, but when I first met this girl two years ago I was shy, awkward, and ridden with PMO all over.

It was like this even this year, but in September I started working out, meditating, dieting, NoFap, and just in general loving myself. Out of all of these things, the most important you could do to improve your health and confidence is loving yourself.

We all have different solutions, but learning how to truly see myself the way God and others who believe in me see me has helped so much in all these life changes. It’s helped with my weight loss, confidence, and overall success in previous NoFap streaks.

6 months ago I was a nervous wreck around my crush and would never feel comfortable talking with her, but now we’re constantly talking, cuddling, and last night kissing. Once I stopped placing her on a pedestal and viewed her as equally nervous as I am, things started falling together.

If I can find happiness in myself, if I can lose 30lbs in 9 months, and if I can get my crush, then each and everyone of you can do anything you want. I hope you all have a good day, congrats to all you graduates, and make the best out of your life regardless of age.

Tl;dr – no one will ever love you if you don’t love yourself and if you struggle to love yourself, you will struggle to make improvements in your life. Also, everyone’s just as nervous as you. Learn to enjoy the silence without it being “awkward,” there doesn’t always have to be a reaction or something said.

LINK – Kissed crush of 2 years last night

By tddup