Orgasm now amazing. I’m going to make NoFap my lifestyle, it certainly is a life changing experience.


I did 87 days of NoFap. I fapped not out of desperation but with my own will and control. I fapped just to see what has happened to me and how much difference it made to me and I see something interesting right after ejaculation. MAN!!, the orgasm was not like any other orgasm, it was a full body orgasm with my legs shaking like crazy.

It started from spine and then expanded to whole body. Right after orgasm my mouth went dry and I just couldn’t believe orgasm can feel so good. Maybe it’s because increased dopamine receptors sensitivity.

– I felt severe anxiety right after ejaculation but it went away pretty soon within 5-10 minutes.

– I also felt chaser effect which I’m trying to resist. I’m going to start a new streak now.


I was a chronic fapper for 10 years 4-5 times every day. I used fapping as an escape for life.
If I’m happy – I used to fap.
If I’m lonely- I used to fap.
If I’m angry, alone, sad, depressed – I used to fap.

I was severely addicted to PMO.

But these 87 days have really changed me. Superpowers are real for sure.

  • Change in my skin , my skin has become BABY SOFT. And a glow of velvet is there on my skin. This is amazing. A dude stopped me when I was travelling in metro he said, which skin product you use, i said nothing why. He said you have amazing skin.
  • People look at me more, I mean literally women and men take 2nd looks at me because my skin is radiating or it’s my aura, I don’t know. People just tend to check me out more.
  • My hair has become thicker and shinier.
  • Colours look more bright than before (I have to lower the contrast and brightness of my monitor because the light was too much bright, which i never felt in last 10 years, so that tells me how sensitive I have become to light)
  • Nature, sunlight, trees etc all look pleasing now.

Now, changes in my PENIS.

  1. My penis has become thicker and longer, I mean literally I feel my penis is almost double thicker than what it was, and almost 50 % longer than before. Although it’s not possible scientifically but i certainly feel.
  2. My penis has become ultra sensitive, the skin has become like velvet and any touch on my penis gives tingling effect in my spine and I begin to feel horny and out of control.
  3. I still don’t get erection by thinking about women or sex, but once something touches my penis, i get 70-80 % erections.

Overall, I’m happy with NOFAP, and I’m going to make it my lifestyle from now on, it certainly is a life changing experience.

– I’m still an addict, I still have a lot to do before I break my addiction but I’m going to go on and no matter how long it takes I will continue my journey.

– Guys, beware of flatlines and urges, just hang in there and don’t give in.
– This time I’m going to start a journal of my journey and also this time, I’m going to try some nootropics supplements that can help me to gain my dopamine receptor sensitivity.

– Keep enjoying this journey guys, Keep fighting. Love you

LINK – 87 days of NoFap, RESULTS !!!

by Ghost_Rider