Picked up two jobs, Expanded my hobbies, Connect with people on a deeper level, Make others laugh pretty easily, Bonding with my family a lot more.


 On October 1st I told myself that I would quit and I found the perseverance to stay strong to this very day. In the last 5 months the following things have happened.

  • I lost over 22 pounds, and dropped 6% Bodyfat. Girls definitely notice this and I habitually diet now, workout regularly and eat clean. It’s not rocket science.
  • Picked up two jobs and have broke a plateau where I thought I was the king of everything and thought I knew everything there is to know lol.. just the beginning.
  • Expanded on some of my hobbies. I can connect with people on a deeper level and make others laugh pretty easily just being myself.
  • It doesn’t take that long to understand difficult concepts. Your brain is able to tackle larger tasks and do them more efficiently because brain fog is gone.
  • I started bonding with my family a lot more. There’s something about NoFap that makes you realize what it means to make sacrifices for yourself to be a better individual, and in return you are able to make sacrifices for others.
  • It’s very easy to communicate honest feelings. I realized talking and being honest with others is one of the most powerful things about us as humans that makes us understanding of each other.
  • You begin to value yourself a lot more. You really do deserve the best and you need to believe this. Do not surround yourself with people that put you down or stand idly in life.

The biggest take away from NoFap is life will move with or without you. Grab your balls and keep it pushing.

LINK – 151 days – some things I accomplished

by OnANewLevel



Last night, I went to sleep a little bit early knowing today would be a special one. For half a year, I have sought out to change the individual I am – by focusing on my best qualities and getting rid of my bad habits.

They say the longer you do NoFap, the more the benefits compound.. True or False? True

Here are some of the things I accomplished in the past half year.

  • Launched my first website from scratch
  • Went on a couple of dates, some good some okay
  • Confidence has skyrocketed.. I always stand up straight and look people straight in the eye.
  • Lost a bunch of weight (Still working on going from 20% BF to 12% which might take a couple of months)
  • Was able to make some sacrifices such as letting go of things valuable to me, to allow for opportunities that I would appreciate presently
  • Finally got around to looking for dance classes, will probably be a slow process since my coordination is godforsaken
  • Been spending a lot of time with friends and family close to me and trying out different forms of communication like calling and video-chatting more.
  • My grades have been on the up and up… sometimes this challenge makes me feel mentally exhausted but once you’re out there living life, you get to the core of yourself – who you are intrinsically and this allows you to seamlessly put your best effort into everything you do
  • I live life by the motto of simplicity and consistency.

What challenges have you faced?

  • Sometimes the urges can get intense, I’ll usually let that out at the gym through a powerlifting session
  • You begin to realize how meaningful a relationship is, but that doesn’t mean skip the process and jump right to that. The more you develop yourself and take care of these underlying issues the better future relationships will be.
  • Seeing others relapse and compromise their values.. some people are just too complacent with where they are in life. You can be very close to them but real growth happens when you push your mindset somewhere it has never been before.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of months?

I’ll finally have my degree. I’ll finally have taken a couple of dance and fitness classes. I’ll continue to take care of myself to the fullest, going out in moderation with people who matter to me. I’ll have moved and gained financial independence. Developed a thorough and complete system of consistency and innovation in my life to expose myself to amazing, new opportunities every single day. And maybe I’ll have a beautiful, amazing girls by my side too.

I will leave you with these words:

Imagine you had one year.

12 months.

30 days every month.

24 hours in every single day.

60 minutes in every hour.

Just to focus on your passions and things you want to be doing.

The only thing stopping you from doing what you want to do – is yourself.

LINK – What Half a year of NoFap Has Done For Me