PIED cured and recurred

I want to share my success story and my present state. I started rebooting since last July. Since then, I exercise every day and I completely broke porn. In my case, breaking porn was not difficult.

After 100days, I met a comprehensive  girl. We had sex successfully.  It seemed like I got back to teenager again.

We could meet only weekend. So We had sex every weekend for 3 months. Once we meet, we had sex 6~8times during weekend And  there was no chaser effect. So I thought I was completely healed.

But something strange happed. After we broke up, I masturbate once a week  for 1 month without porn and then I met new girlfriend. I tried to have sex with new girlfriend but ED happened again.  And I got terrible flatline. Emotion ups and downs. My penis shrank again.

After two week, My emotion got better so I tried to have sex again. I succeeded to have sex. But I got terrible flatline again. What happen to me?

I haven’t seen porn. So, I want to ask you guys. Please tell me your experience. Is it  getting better ? Is there anyone who experience same situation? Does It happened because I had Much orgasm with ex-girlfriend? Do I have to do reboot again for 90days?

LINK – success story and questions

By jyjjyj