PIED cured: I now have healthy normal sex and my partner turns me on more than anything! Many more benefits.


Hey guys! So let me start of by saying before I found out NoFap, I was a complete mess. My memory was terrible, my skin was bad, I had erectile dysfunction, I had no motivation, I had no energy, I had anxiety, I had brain fog and the worst thing personally for me, was I later found out I had derealisation because of it. If you take the time to read this and follow through with it, I can guarantee all these things will fade away!

So once I found all this out and jerking of was the cause of it, like any normal person I attempted to quit! And any of you that are doing nofap would know how hard this is to do. But this didn’t get my hopes down, it just really made me realise how badly addicted i actually was. I relapsed twice and 8 months from then and still haven’t looked back. So first up let me give you guys some tips on how I overcame it.

  1. Most important thing you need to do is get in your head that you’re never going to jerk of again, don’t just tell yourself ‘Maybe I can jerk off again after my reboot’ because guaranteed you’ll relapse. Write down somewhere all the side effects and suffering its brought to your life and look at it every morning and remember how much it sucked, how much of a loser you felt when you were an addict and it was more of a ‘need’ not a ‘want’. Realise how much it controlled your life.
  2. I cant stress enough to just delete anything that might turn you on or even bring back memories. JUST DELETE IT! Yes I am talking about instagram, snapchat, facebook, all I ever saw on my feed was chicks with their tits and ass showing and I continuously relapsed again and again. I kept messenger just to contact people but I’ve deleted the actual facebook app. This was personally the hardest step I had to take as i was on all these social media apps 24/7. It was also was a big cause of my anxiety as when you talk to people online you have time to think what you want to say where as in real life you stand there looking like an idiot stuttering as you do not have that time (Helps a lot with pulling chicks). I also enjoy life so so much more without social media as you start to take an interest in hobby’s and not constantly needing other peoples self approval. Can defiantly say it was such a positive life change for me!
  3. It is so vital that you stay active within the times your used to fapping. For example, go to the gym, go for a jog, go for a walk with music on, go and sit with your family, read a book… The list goes on, point i’m trying to make is don’t sit in your bed with the idea of fapping in your head because guaranteed you’ll relapse and lay there looking at your ceiling feeling like absolute shit. Are you not fed up with that feeling?
  4. Make sure to keep checking into NoFap and reading the success stories and knowing all the benefits of it and really believe your going to be there sometime very soon!
  5. Take Ginseng and Macca every morning! (I have them in my morning smoothie) They have been proven to help erectile dysfunction, boost energy levels and decrease stress levels.
  6. LAY OF THE CAFFEINE! Yes this was also a very hard one to do for me as I was a big coffee drinker. 1 coffee a day can actually help ED as it improves blood flow, but if you drink too much it can narrow blood vessels which can restrict blood flow from getting to the penis. Too much caffeine can also be the leading problem of most people with anxiety as you are constantly in fight or flight mode, this also make derealisation a whole lot worse! And as I’m a gym junkie I had to quit my pre-workout supplements but it defiantly helped my anxiety and ED.

So now I’ve showed you the things that helped me give up, let’s move onto the good part, THE BENEFITS OF QUITTING!

  1. I CAN GET ERECT AGAIN! I can now have healthy normal sex with my partner and not to mention she turns me on more than anything! I never used to find her sexy in bed but oh god has that changed now!
  2. I’m so much more confident and likeable as a person and find it so easy and fluent to talk to people and make friends. I walk with confidence, talk with confidence and I feel alive again in general!
  3. I always have so much energy and life about me! A lot of people say, every time you ejaculate and bit of life goes out of you, and i do believe this is true.
  4. I’ve gained so much more muscle mass!
  5. My memory is insanely good now! like seriously I can remember things in ridiculous detail from weeks ago, as from when i was fapping I couldn’t even remember what I did on the weekend
  6. My derealisation and anxiety has gone away fully!
  7. I have a much deeper connection with people I meet. This might sound weird but you get to know people on a different level from what you’re used to. You can look them in the eyes and really picture what they’re saying, instead of worrying what they think of you or over analyzing your reply to them.
  8. No more brain fog! Yes that cleared up in about a week.

I’m probably forgetting some because god damn there are so many benefits but Please just give it a go, it’s changed my life and I can guarantee it will change yours. Don’t start tomorrow, don’t start after your next fap, start right now and never look back. If you guys have any questions what so ever please feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

Become a better you today, cheers for reading guys!

LINK – NoFap and how it changed my life!

by gameon222