PIED & DE are gone. No desire for weird fetishes. More energy & confidence, less social anxiety.

For a period of about a couple of years I fapped myself into asexuality – I was only really interested in fapping because I was bored and lonely. I had weird fetishes, a crush on a cam girl (mature foreign lady), PIED, DE and little interest in real human girls.

The 90 days?

I had periods of both soft mode and hard mode. I experienced benefits in both, but much more benefits and a higher intensity of benefit in hard mode.

With regards to superpowers, I saw a quote here that imo best sums up the debate “for a crippled man, walking is a superpower”.

Chaser effect was very very difficult for me when in soft mode – beware.

Flatlines… they are like being at a bottom of well and thinking you have no hope of getting out…. then one day just waking up and being out. So try and enjoy the peace and quiet of flatlines is my advice.


PIED and DE are gone. No desire for weird fetishes. More energy and desire to workout. More confidence and less social anxiety. Eye contact is easier. More interested in connecting with real girls non-sexually. Feel way more in touch with my emotions. More self-worth and self-love.


I fully recommended NoFap. Both soft and hard mode. Hard mode more so, if you don’t have a committed partner with needs. However NoFap isn’t the answer to all your problems in life, your happiness and well-being needs a holistic approach given the complexities of human happiness… but NoFap is a great start! My counter is wrong, this is the first time I tried officially

My next goal now is another 90 days of NoFap but all in hard mode. Also no Tinder, no FWBs, no chasing female validation etc.

Ask Me Anything.

Thanks everyone, stay yourself, stay strong.

TL;DR: NoFap = Good. Usual benefits experienced. More and higher intensity of benefits experienced in periods of hard mode. AMA.

LINK – My 90 Day Report + AMA

by BillyNoFap


ORIGINAL POST This is harder than I first thought. I’m in desperate need for advice please.

I’ve been visiting here on and off for few months until I started NoFap and have been reading everyday. I’ve signed up today to ask for some advice please…

It has been 19 days since I PMOed – the first 7 days were relatively hard but I managed it without too many problems. I felt incredible, my confidence sky high and girls’ interest in me went from absolutely nothing to girls at work laughing at everyone of my awful jokes and always touching me and playfully punching me. From here, I hooked up a few times with an ex and lost any desire whatsoever to masturbate until yesterday. I annoyingly can’t remember if the hooking up or loss of desire came first.

However… yesterday I woke up from a nap, and something was different. I have never ever experienced sexual desire like this. I struggled to sleep at night. Sex dreams all night. I keep unconsciously putting my hand in a place it shouldn’t be and have to remove my hand when I realise what I’m doing. I really don’t want to relapse but I feel like my mind will be clearer after, am I lying to myself? Think I was flatlining or the O with my ex satisfied something inside me?

Any advice is appreciated, cheers in advance if anyone replies. Also for any other new NoFappers or those considering it, my main motivation for NoFap was the usual ED, struggling to finish and need for the deathgrip. This vanished when I met up with my ex.