PIED healed and I’m a lot more sensitive downstairs


My main reason for deciding to try NoFap was PIED. This has helped. I’ve noticed huge differences. I have spontaneous erections much more often, and it’s a lot easier to perform. I’m also a lot more sensitive downstairs.

I originally intended to just do a 90 day reset. I did go 91 days without masturbating; however, the end of my streak was not quite what I wanted it to be.

I suppose I could blame the chaser effect, since I had sex just a day and a half before the relapse, but curiosity about whether or not the unusual genre of porn that had become my main crutch was still arousing played just about as much of a role. There are also a lot of personal factors I could invoke – in the last month, I’ve become unemployed and my grandmother died, and my current relationship has an expiration date coming up soon.

Answer: Yes. I found myself carefully filing away and organizing it and then settled in for a good wank session.

I don’t want to remain attached to pornography. So I’ve purged that particular set of folders just now and reset my counter. I think I do have a healthier attitude right now, but it would be very easy for me to go back down there, and I am not cured even if I have made substantial progress.

I’ve been through a mood rollercoaster. I notice women while out and about a lot more keenly. I can’t really tell if they notice me more keenly, but my attitude towards dating and relationships has shifted significantly as well.

LINK – 91 days; relapse; moving forward

By rebootingtom2