Real, solid Improvements in my love life, reductions in anxiety, panic attacks, social angst.

After 5 months, I can honestly say that my life has improved. Just like when you first begin any journey, the path ahead can look long, dismal, and insurmountable. However, looking back on the distance I’ve traveled over these past few months, it’s amazing to see the improvements I’ve been able to make in multiple parts of my life.

Real, solid improvements. Improvements in my love life, reductions in anxiety, greatly reduced social angst. I’m not necessarily one of those people who will claim superpowers come from NoFap. I think it’s more that NoFap allows you to regain superpowers that are instilled in everyone of us that we lost along the way. Placebo or not, does it really matter?

There is a reason you’re here right now. Don’t ignore it. You will be able to improve. There is hope. It is not too late.

You will have setbacks on this journey—lord knows I have. But when you do, don’t be too hard on yourself, dust the anger off, and keep moving forward. It’s not a failure, it’s how you learn, and it’s an essential leg of the journey.

Take care, stay the course, and remember, we’re all in this together. Today is the day.

LINK – 5 Months. Superpowers or Placebo?

by gadfl



How NoFap Has Affected My Anxiety/Panic/Depression

As a sufferer of major anxiety and panic attacks, after 6 days of NoFap, I’ve noticed marked improvements in my constant anxiety and panic attacks. I have had absolutely no panic attacks and substantial reductions in my depression and anxiety.

NoFap has kept me much more in “the moment” and not constantly over-analysing my environment which usually leads to anxiety and panic attacks.

PMO made me feel vulnerable to the effects of the big world around me, while NoFap reminds me that I can affect that same world.