Recovering from many years of serious ED: Sex on day 45.

So after 45 days without PMO, I had sex with a girl I’ve been going out for two weeks now. To be honest I was in a low libido period, not flatline but really low. Last week it was exactly the opposite. So I thought it would not happen. But at somepoint while kissing and caressing it got up. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my girlfriend knows about my problem and she also had her own reservations. This made me feel kinda relaxed, took away the performance anxiety.

Bottom line, the feeling was fantastic. I can’t remember when was the last time that sex felt this good. I knew I could cum from the first two minutes, but I was able to postpone it. Before nofap I needed hours if not days (literally) to cum. Some people say that sex while recovering delays your progress. But I really feel I didn’t force anything to happen. It just did. And the most important thing is that I want to get rid of my previous ED problems. Having sex with a girl without using a pill is a great achievement for me, and a major confidence boost.

This thing works. I am so glad I found this community, it keeps me going on. My most honest gratitudes.

LINK – Recovering from serious ED: Sex on day 45.

by kabamaru



guys i had SERIOUS ED for MANY YEARS. it kinda got me depressed at some point. i couldn’t have sex without a pill. last year i quit smoking. nofapping it’s more difficult and tricky, it has more implications. but it WORKS. not right away but if you are willing enough to change your life the payoffs are huge. the most important step is YOU being here, acknowledging. really. go for it.


EARLIER POST – One month nofapping, met this girl, should I have sex? Please help

Well let me tell you the story from the beggining. Pre-no-fapping I had a big porn related ED, that lasted for years. So I decided to do something about it. In the past I tried it once but relapsed, this time I was more serious and confident about it. The fact that I moved to another country for a few months also helped not having girls in my mind so much. So I started a month ago. I also made some other nice decissions about going to the gym, try to learn spanish more efficiently, socialize a bit more, cook healthy food etc. In general the outcome of the first month is GREAT. Meaning that after the first two weeks with some cravings, I’ve managed to stay focused. That’s also thanks to K9, to be honest, in which I’ve manually blocked every minor distraction including imgur.

So last week I went out and out of a sudden I met this girl. Yesterday we had a “date” and we made out. It was great, I can’t remember how long had it been since a kiss actually meant something to me. Also kissing and a bit of caressing (not too much, we were in public) gave me nice boners. She might not be the most good looking girl I’ve been with but I like her and it feels so nice. In the past I would be totally numb to that kind of stuff. Do you think the “therapy” is starting to show some results?

Although in general everything seems fine, while we were making out I’ve felt a bit of anxiety about making sex with her. I am not very confident I’ll get aroused when that moment comes. Well it’s much better than previously – having not a hope at all – but still. Last night we went to our homes but it’s certain that one of the following days it’ll happen. So what should I do? Try to avoid it? Go for it? If something goes wrong should I tell her? Any thoughts are so appreciated.