Reduced social anxiety, Increased confidence, Much less mood swings

I completed 90 days of rebooting experience. it is pretty amazing that I completed 90+ days as I was not knowing that i have this much strength

I will be giving following suggestions regarding urges:

1. It is much difficult in first 30-40 days and if you move beyond that point, rest 50-60 days are cakewalk.
2. Try not to fight the urges, ignore them if possible or simply observe them if you are not able to ignore them, but do not do what they are saying you to do. You will feel good next morning.
3. keeping yourself busy helps.
4. Read success stories on

Benefits which I have observed are following (No, I haven’t received any superpowers):

1. Reduced social anxiety
2. Increased confidence
3. Much less mood swings
4. Healthier skin and brighter eyes

My future plans are to continue my abstinence from PMO, as life without PMO feels good to live.

Thread: My experience of 90 days freedom from PMO

BY – active.monkey