Sensitivity has returned, delayed ejaculation cured

I now give all my sexual energy to my woman. No more jerking off behind her back. I desire her like a man is supposed to. I also can finish every time because sensitivity has returned. Guys, I could only orgasm maybe 10% during sex before because of decreased sensitivity. And, yes, even with a condom I finish now.

My girlfriend is totally blown away and super proud of me.

Aside from all the philosophy, psychology, and analysis of nofap, one thing is very clear.

If I don’t touch my d, my sex life is satisfying and normal.


LINK – Day 85 – What’s Changed

by kaizen_66


UPDATE – Half a Year – Completed

Back when I made the commitment I thought my life would night and day change. And, in a way, it did. It changed – it got better. It’s not “super-powers” or anything that impress you. It’s very simple – my life would be worse if I went back. I’m clear on that. So, why go back? I’m actively trying to get out of my own way. Now, onto the next problem! Good luck no-fappers! 🙂