Six weeks – Feeling good for no reason. In fact I have tears in my eyes and feeling sooo good

Week 5 and 6

Hey guys…this is your man thanking you and reporting that quitting PMO is absolutely worth it…
Week 5

1. To start with…Am I cute??
Well I dunno…but surely girls around me are pulling my cheeks…

2. Porn images have fainted….not totally but yeah fainted…like I don’t remember the Exact pics or videos….out of sight out of mind I guess…

3. Strong innercall which says I’m not here just for sex nor are girls here just for sex…I am more than a sex object and so are girls…I have a life to live..!! I have my passions,my career,my dreams and desires..I have to rise to my greatness..I have to say yes to my life…yes to my responsibilities…..I’m in charge of my destiny..I am incharge here…and am going to make it.
Love this thing..!!

Week 6  by far the most interesting week…I think I am able to sustain this week because of the self control I have gained over the last 5 weeks..(now I see how far I have come…) this time had a lot of urges even when there were supposed to be none…but as I said the images have fainted in my mind so even though the number of urges have increased but so is my spirit and strength to push through…yes…come what may I’m going to make it…enjoying this…wooh hooh

2. super drive towards real women…never felt that drive before…almost anything drives me to oooomph….inner talk warns me about it being pervert and with my conscious effort that we are here for more than sex the inner talk tells me man I am doing great and on the right track….I think I am becoming a complete individual…happy about it..

3. Feeling good fr no reason…in fact I have tears in my eyes and feeling sooo good…it’s awesome..It’s beautiful…’s something out of the world..I’m making sure I’m writing this right now so that I can post it unadulterated…never felt soooo good in my life…it feels like I’m romancing my body and soul…I will go on and on…lemme live this moment much fr this time..
It was magical and I can tap into that mood on my wish it seems…

4. Mango is tastier… lol

5. Skin complexion is good…I dunno is it because of nofap or because I exercise.. I always get this complexion after a good workout…but because everyone tell that nofapin has helped so I would like to give the benefit of doubt to it.

6. Badass rebel…ie can’t take shit in my life…if something is wrong I set it right…but guys I say again..MEDITATE..why? Since frustration can burn you too…you have to make sure you harness your anger into right places and improve yourself,not change others or be angry over them…

7. Feeling the spectrum of emotions…good as well as bad….and I think it’s a good thing.

8. I think some kind of flirt is into me…I think it’s good…as in am not being cheesy..but rather just being confident and saying things which are quite subtle..

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