Social anxiety & depression greatly decreased, very confident, sharper focus, more motivation

I’ve experienced more things in the last 90 days than the last 4 years combined. I started fapping in grade 10 and it quickly became an escape behaviour from my OCD and depression. I was soon hooked and no matter how many times I said this was gunna be my last time, it never was.

I became imprisoned in this cycle of running away from my problems and the chains of ocd and depression grew stronger as I became more addicted to pmo. I soon found that I was experiencing extreme anxiety. I developed such intense social anxiety to the point where I couldnt talk to my mom. I had panic attacks in school and I lost all my friends. I went about 2 years barely talking to anyone and never hanging out. As you can imagine I was extremely depressed to the point where I was suicidal.

After I found out about nofap I picked up enough of a streak to gain some confidence and tell my parents about my anxiety and depression. I was soon put on antidepressants. A couple months ago I was at my one week streak, and I knew I was going on vacation soon. This vacation acted as a rehab to help me in the early stages of recovery.

Soon after I had to make it a couple more weeks until my second “rehab” which was starting university. I was extremely nervous about going away, but I’ve been having the best time. I’ve made tons of friends, and every day is filled with new experiences. I can go on and on but Ill just try and list the benefits and such to keep this short. Also its not all great, there have been tough times too but I’m learning to cope with these conflicts without escaping them.


  • More motivation
  • Focus is sharper than ever
  • Social anxiety Is greatly decreased,
  • I’ve gotten random girls numbers, and even slept in a girls bed for the first time. I also got to kiss to girls which was kind of my first kiss
  • I feel very confident
  • I have much more time
  • Significant gains in the gym(I’ve gained 20 pounds over the last month, I’ve always been a hard gainer) People are commenting on my muscles
  • Depression has improved
  • Acne is better
  • I look filled with life there are so much more, my life has changed so dramatically.

Feel free to ask anything and Stay strong, this is just the beginning for me.

LINK90 days!! ama.

by joefit