Stopped looking at girls as sex objects, more energy, less brain fog

Well, not much else to say except completing 90 days of no PMO

Over the course of these 90 days I have

-Learned to stop giving a phuck

-Brought out my inner gamer self

-Stopped looking at girls as sex objects

-No longer a horny caveman

-No longer care about rejections

-Drastically increased my strength gains in the gym

-DESTROYED my comfort zone

-Given up porn / masturbation

-Achieved a 3.250 GPA

-Realized that there actually are poisonous people in the world

-Finally able to enjoy things for what they are instead of getting a dopamine fix from them.

I will keep this streak going trust me. Giving up on porn is just the start guys don’t look back even for one second because you will regret it


by zezimaHD


EARLIER POST – Halfway there – 45 Days no PMO – GAINS GAINS GAINS

Over the past 45 days the most significant things have changed for me.

-More attent and focused on what I need to do

-Getting MORE energy with LESS sleep

–waking up at 7AM with full energy

-Insane workouts, HUGE mass gains and LARGER appetite.

-getting called a showoff for no reason. most likely the confidence gains

-girls have been checking me out in the gym and at random occasions.

-I am naturally a shy-reserved guy, I never approach a girl unless I am really into her, I am currently in a position where girls are more likely to approach me when they notice my confidence and the fact that I simply dont care about approaching girls anymore.

I am still not used to all the confidence I have gained, its like I become a different person when I get too confident but sometimes it drives people further away, so I have to keep it under control but the main thing is my emotions have been resonating TOO much with people. For example, I was laughing at something I was reading online and this girl sitting a few seats away also started laughing for some reason. Also, I will All I know is, nofap placebo or not, WORKS and maybe I am just feeling confident from all the weights I have been lifting, but I wouldnt have gotten the motivation and confidence to lift without nofap. Us who have reached the halfway mark probably forgot how we used to be before we started nofap, but if you really try to remember how you were, you can clearly see a change.

Anyway – Next stage: 90 DAYS… START!