Take it from someone 2 years+ in: NoFap is a start, but NoPorn is the cure.

Food for thought – males have been masturbating since Adam discovered he had a penis, and even primates do it. But the mass erectile dysfunction currently surfacing amoung young men has only ocurred since internet porn arrived.

Porn is a far stronger and more potent addiction than masturbating by iteslf.

Here is an article from the Your Brain On Porn website which mentions some relevant points: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/dr-oz-show-addresess-porn-induced-ed  –  of note in the article: A a doctor familiar with addiction noted privately,

“As far as trying to control porn use, it’s like trying to control cocaine use. Porn is not evolutionarily developed sex; it is, like cocaine, a supranormal stimulus. As such, it doesn’t share well or leave easily. It likes to be the only camel in the tent.”

My longest stretch of NoFap without relapse was 9 months. During that period I experienced all the great improvements in confidence and libido that everyone on this subreddit speaks of. But I think the main benefit of that 9 months was to teach me the dangers of Porn. I also learned that I become irritable and intolerant if I go without orgasm for more than a week or two.

Since then I have had several relapses from NoFap and Porn. What I have learned is that my confidence and sexual prowess (unbeknowest test subject being my wife of 11 years) is barely affected if I masturbate 1 or 2 times a week, but if I watch internet porn it will take me at least 3-5 days to recover my mojo.

I challenge you to try this; certainly complete the 90 days of NoFap – it will change your life. Here is the twist – make sure to also quit porn also. It is by far the harder addiction to kick, but you will be much better for it. If you are like me and go through several relapses, experiment with the following and measure your results (after your 90 days that is): – looking at porn without masturbation – masturbating without looking at (or thinking about) porn – masturbating to porn. you will need about 1 week to reboot (NoFap, NoPorn) after each experiment, during which time you should put yourself in your most confidence testing situations, approaching girls, public speaking ffor example.

I bet you will come to the same conclusion as me in the end – occasional, non compulsive masturbation is harmless, while porn use is damaging. Take some time to have a good read of the YBOP website as well, its really good stuff. the TED talk is a great place to start: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/garys-tedx-talk-great-porn-experiment

LINK – Take from someone 2 years+ in – NoFap is a start, but NoPorn is the cure.

by LongForeignMan