The first 90 days are like highway 101 down the California coast.

Apart from 3 ridiculous instances with the opposite sex of which only 1 resulted in prolonged coidus I have been doing this hard mode. All of the usual things to report: next level randyness, wet dreams, increased confidence, fitting in, but days where I feel like the most despicable piece of pond scum on earth. The first 90 days are like highway 101 down the californian coast. Lots of ups and downs.. and plenty of moments where youre sure you’re going to edge off the metaphorical cliff into fap-land/the pacific ocean.

With the help of this bizarre challenge I am now able to appreciate women as friends and be respectful when they dont want to take things any further than that. After all our vital fluids are precious to us now so rejection can be taken in stride.

Last night I had sex but didn’t cum because the girl said “please get off me now”. This was both humiliating and hilarious. I felt like a gent when I obliged and went off to bed… although thinking about it now i realize the alternative is rape and so i shouldn’t take too much credit.

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by chelski123