These past 97 days have given me so much insight

I have not masturbated for 97 days. And to be fairly honest i don’t have superpowers and i don’t run around with a boner 24/7. But these past months have given me so much insight. I don’t masturbate cause I’m horny, I do it out of stress and boredom. I use this information to either deal with why I’m stressed or why I’m bored. And as it turns out, i am now neither bored or stressed anymore. (Hurrraay for me) But the best things for me has been this forum. Sharing you guys victories has been such an inspiration. Keep being awesome.

So as the title says, I will now try to masturbate and see what happens. If everything goes to shit, then it’s back on the horse. But if not, then i regard it as a success since complete abstinence has never been my goal.

Keep being awesome guys, and sorry for the wall of text!

EDIT: SO i played the five finger filet.. And WOW that was boring.. Holy shit! I’m at a loss of words to describe this feeling. It feels so empty, but also such a relief. This was like trying some food at not liking it. It’s like “Well now I’ve tried it, and I’m not gonna have more.”

LINK – 97 days. Let’s turn this boat around and see what happens.

by MelvinTheHobo