This is going to be one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life, but man will you feel ALIVE

I’ve done 102 days before. Now starting from scratch after relapsing a lot the past few months, I am remembering the workings of these things.

  • You will sleep like shit for a week or so, then you will sleep like a baby.
  • No exercise = Nutty Mansquirts or Leaky Faucets
  • “Oh just a peek, couldn’t hurt” = Onslaught of Semen or Torrents of Valiva
  • No physical or focused busyness = Jizznado or Clitquake
  • Masturbation does not help you sleep.
  • You will feel younger, and, if you are depressed, your apathetic ass will FEEL again.
  • I dreamed about having intimate and loving relationships with women which helped me feel closer to them. Along with also dreaming about hardcore coitus which made me feel more comfortable to be sexual around women.
  • Motivation out the gooch
  • Learning soaks in like a sponge, except for the days that your biological radar is pull your dangles towards the tah-tahs and boodabooms.
  • This in no way gives you confidence and assertion unless you use ‘the beast’ to NGAF.
  • You will start to feel the sun shining even on cloudy, inclement days.
  • Doing this autonomously is not needed. Tell your friends about it. Tell someone about it. Even if they make fun of you. If they’re your real friends, they will help you out even if they think it’s an bunch of fuckily-piptous. Ask them to drive you around for awhile. Ask them to go for a walk. Ask them to DO SOMETHING. Ask them if it’s okay to call them at any time of the night to do something with you. If you can’t get a friend to help you. Do these things yourself, but you saturate too much in your own thoughts usually.
  • No drink drink unless sexity fuck because drink drink makes an itch that will ooze if you scratch it.
  • You’re brain is ALWAYS trying to trick you. One’s that my brain has come up with and I’ve relapsed on: “Just a peek”, “If I just try doing something that isn’t a common type of masturbation (like humping something [even lightly] or ‘thinking’ off) then I’ll just label it as greenhorning”, “I’ll look at it but not masturbate”, “I think there’s piss in there still. I’d better give it a few more shakes”, “I wonder what Sarah’s up to on Facebook”, “Yah, I’ll watch Game of Thrones”.
  • You will feel like talking to people you don’t usually talk to. You won’t do it unless you give yourself the initiative.
  • Feeling bad about relapsing only causes more relapsing
  • Keeping a journal about your experiences (listing the benefits you see and the feelings you get after relapsing) helps TREMENDOUSLY, esp. when you’re about to give yourself a hand.
  • Anxiety = Synthetic horniness which usually leads to Compulsive Cathartic Paroxysmal Auto-Pleasures. Find an outlet that isn’t masturbation. Exercise is the best one!
  • You will find yourself substituting other things for hurtful blisses. I switched to eating a lot of junk food for awhile, then smoking hookah, then watching animes or sitcoms ad nauseum, then back to masturbation, then finally to a cocktail of social interaction, busying myself with studies, volunteering, and exercise.
  • Seek out self-improvement help. The subreddits are a goldmine.
  • That unpleasant/ugly stalker girl/guy in your contacts? Yah, you’re going to want to have a hoedown with your drawers-down with shim. You’ll regret it.
  • For awhile, you’ll get angry at somethings for apparently no reason.
  • Willpower permeates to everything!
  • You need some sort of structure. Job, volunteering, regularing places, etc. Making your home the only place you are always at will definitely make you want to tickle the worm or pet the kitty.
  • Define goals! If you are shooting at something, aim.
  • Define yourself!
  • Seek therapy! Another one of those “anti-overdoing the autonomy” things. Really, I think EVERYONE in this world needs therapy in their lives at some point. It helps you develop techniques to cope with the stress that is causing your compulsive tendencies.
  • You WILL start to dislike porn and other old triggers. I remember the feeling of something like cumming into a ghost once when I relapsed, and I laid on the couch for a bit feel ‘phantom lips’ on my lips. It was the extreme desire to have a women’s body there with me, to caress, to cuddle with, to keep me company. I hate that feeling. It’s loneliness knocking at your front door.
  • Follow your dreams! No matter how crazy they seem! Believe in yourself! And if you don’t believe in yourself, believe in the me that believes in you!
  • Fetishes will linger for a long while. Even after 102 days. I still had many many of my old undesirable fetishes. Be weary of them, but also remember that some are okay in the setting of a sexdown because, come on, fetishes can be spices to the fuckloaf.
  • You might get voracious desires that go against your usual sexual orientation for awhile. Incestial thoughts, gay thoughts, straight thoughts?, transexual thoughts, pedothoughts, GILF thoughts etc. You’re not a bad person because of these thoughts. Are they happening in the real world? No. And they WILL go away eventually. If not, perhaps you have found your default orientation, act on it. Except having sex with children is unwarranted.

Seriously guys. This is going to be one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life, but man will you feel ALIVE.

LINK – The Errs and Yays of my Ways. – You WILL have sleepness nights, you WILL go through depression, you WILL be writhing in your horniness, but it’s worth it.

by David_Coron