This pornfree stuff cured my ED

I was going easy on the porn for a while and my sex drive was improved a bit but I still had ED. My girlfriend had a talk with me that the fact that I look at porn makes her insecure, so I quit altogether. Boy, that really helped. It took quitting fully to really solve the problem. No more gonewild, no celebrity pics, no 4chan browsing, and of course no hentai. And that’s what it took to resolve my erectile deficiency. My sexual response is now calibrated correctly to respond to my actual sexual partner instead of being misled by my fake screen stimuli.

I came here and made a badge because I caught myself slipping up yesterday by looking at two images on reddit that were sexually stimulating. I also caught myself staring at a Maxim cover last night in the store. I think the badge will help me stay disciplined.

LINK – This pornfree stuff cured my ED

by rednukleus