Age 21 – Talk without stutter (the words will flow), Reduced anger, Greater appreciation and admiration from other people, I can feel real love


After one month without fapping, my life has radically changed. It’s been years that I had social anxiety, depression, low confidence and I didn’t know why. Now it’s different, it’s a new cycle. And there are many benefits you can feel, so there are some: Confidence:

I feel more happy with myself and I don’t have any social anxiety, while in fapping I had “fear” while talking with people and also to look people direct in the eyes. Now it’s non-existent and I don’t even care about what people think about me. I care more about my internal side and external opinions means s***. Build and get better in your own behaviour, posture, personality… just like your want. Also without PMO you can easily go near a girl and ask everything you want, like meet her, ask her number or even to go out. Fear will be not a problem anymore.

Girls: NoFap attract girls? I would say yes. While you are in fapping, you have a lack of confidence and you don’t have love by yourself in a properly way. Without PMO that’s not a problem, you can respect more the girls and don’t think about sex, boobs, pussy… while talking with them. You’ll have more conscience about what’s right and wrong. Girls know when you abstain, and when you do it it’s like a magnet, they will come even without you doing anything.

I’ll tell you one of the situations (happened days ago), I was in a coffee shop and I was looking to the TV, and behind me were a housekeeper looking at me hard, in the moment I looked back she got shy and started moving out, but kept contacting me with eyes, always and always looking. Obviously I respect her work and I coudln’t talk, otherwise I would have no problems in going close to her and ask what she wanted. But there’s many more, and you can experience by yourself with NoFap.

Respect: People want to hear your opinion more and they care about you, especially the ones from oposite sex, they will chase you, I really don’t know why. Even old people will care more about you and respect you.

Physic: Better skin, better look, more strengh, more motivation and more resistance while training.

Cold Showers: I don’t know why but while fapping I needed really hot water to take showers and I felt a lot of cold after it. Now I can take cold showers and I feel the days are better, like I have more energy during the day.

Feel what they call “REAL LOVE”: The highest benefits from far… Since I stopped fap, like 2 weeks after I started looking a girl that works near my home and I respect her a lot, and I can say that I love her a lot in a deep way. While in fap I just felt depression, like no one cared about me, I always felt the “excluded” one, without PMO this changed drastically, I still fighting for her and it’s not easy, but I know and I have faith of a good outcome.

And some more benefits that I’ve reported:

  • Music sounds better.
  • Less irritability.
  • Deep voice.
  • Reduced anger and rage.
  • Easier to get up in the morning.
  • Your eyes look better.
  • Lucid dreams.
  • Improved chest, neck and shoulders musculature (without exercise in a particular case).
  • Appreciation and admiration from other people.
  • Free and genuine laughs.
  • Respect more the parents and have more time for the family/other things.
  • Talk without stutter. The words will flow.
  • Less headaches.

I don’t take drugs, smoke or anything. I use social media a lot and when I see a hot picture or similar I just scroll, don’t even care, I use the Chrome extension to block pornography. Also I don’t drink coffee, makes me nervous. I would say more than 90% of the people experience many benefits while on NoFap.

I really want to say thanks to this group, it’s very supportive and always helped me and if you want something in life fight for it, nothing change without effort and the rewards are always big.

Edit: Since some people it’s complaning when I say “Music sounds better”, there is a study and some similar relates:
… and more resistance while training:

I’m 21. Fapping since 15/16 years old, almost everyday, I felt down and depressed, everything changed after NoFap.

LINK – [REPORT] 1 Month NoFap – How my Life Changed

by riiferreira10