After a short flatline my erections are back

my entire sexual identity lived in front of a computer monitor

YBOP COMMENT: This success story “After a short flatline my erections are back” mentions going through a “flatline”, which is a period of time where some guys report experiencing a drop in libido while recovering from a porn-induced sexual dysfunction. For information on the flatline please see this article: Porn Recovery and the Mysterious Flatline

My reboot journey

Learned a lot about myself during this journey. Before this my entire sexual identity lived in front of a computer monitor.

Had the benefit of meeting a girl that stuck around after a couple mishaps and coming clean on my PIED situation.

Throughout life I’d dealt with severe brain fog, depression, and emotional detachment.

The flatline I went through hit hard and early. I had like a 40 days flatline. Was brutal, suicidal idealization, panic attacks. If I hadn’t been experienced with depression I might have taken my own life. Near the end of the flatline my brainfog lifted and my emotions leveled out. I was able to remain present when intimate and my brain was no longer reaching for images. Although I was still in a physical flatline, I became grateful for my progress and knew this journey was worth it.

On day 45 my little friend started coming back to life, by day 60 I had my full erections back (unless I was tired).

Day 90something, I have a healthy sex life. It’s not perfect but I remain grateful for my progress. My refractory period can take 1-3 days, so I’m hoping that lowers over the next few months.

There were so many issues I had with depression, anxiety, brain fog. All faded away and I find having conversations with women to just be a normal part of life.

I was lucky enough to learn that I’m not addicted to porn, it was a means to an end for a lonely boy. I don’t plan on fapping to porn ever again but if a partner wants to watch, I will partake.

I’m not looking back.

LINK – Made it to reboot [90 days and beyond]  

By – u/frotto39

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