Age 25 – From Erectile Dysfunction to staying hard after sex

staying hard after sex

I went from not being able to get it up at times to staying hard after sex. Just sharing some motivation that u CAN get rid of of ur PIED. keep trying fellas, its worth it! I’m so grateful! 

Before quitting porn

Before: anytime i was alone and had free time, i’d watch porn and masturbate. Sometimes finishing myself 2-4 times in a day. (multiple times a week) i turned down my friends who wanted to hang out and even girls who wanted to be with me. i was even developing PIED (porn induced erectile disfunction). i convinced myself i was fine being alone. I didn’t want friends or a gf bc i was SO picky since i came across SO many diff bodies and body types all day everyday. i even started even questioning my sexuality.

i finally said enough was enough and after many failed attempts, i went 1yr and 2 months pornfree! after porn wasn’t an issue, i started having actual sexual encounters without the worry of not being able to please my partners and without the worry of PIED. the insecurities were gone!! 🙂 i started hanging out with friends, working out and enjoying life. now im in an healthy relationship and life has just flipped around! being pornfree is worth it my guys.

now with all that said, i still relapsed after the 14 months, and for the past couple months, i continued to relapse. but after seeing where i came from, getting rid of porn cleared so many internal issues and anxiety for me & i dont want those issues returning so im fixing it b4 it becomes a bad habit again. this post was made to hold myself accountable and to inspire us all! day 6 lets go!!

LINK – before and after quitting porn

By – u/Disastrous_Cup9022

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