Erections are Back and Brain Fog is Gone

Erections are back

So, tomorrow is day 40 on NoFap of my 120 days. I finally have no more brain fog. It’s completely gone it’s incredible. I can focus totally. I’m happier with little things in life too. Months ago I completely lost my erections. No morning wood for more than 2 years, and everything came back one week or two weeks ago. Strong morning wood is back almost every morning. Strong erections with my girl, and I can do more rounds now.

Months ago, I couldn’t even get it up fully for more than 2 minutes. Now, everything changed. Sometimes I still have low erections because of my stress but physically, everything is back to normal. I was so scared to never be able to be normal again. I thought that I was hopeless and that I killed my sexual life.

Thanks to NoFap everything is really back to normal, so guys I wanted to thanks all of you on this sub for giving me motivation, advices, sharing your success stories everyday, and motivating me to go through all urges.

Thanks guys, never going back to how I was

LINK – Erections totally back

By – History_Nerd20

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