From Severe Erectile Dysfunction To Instantly Hard

Severe Erectile Dysfunction

Hi everyone, I was addicted to porn for 13 years and I am approaching a month without porn and masturbated once. I just wanted to share my thoughts to hopefully keep someone motivated.

I am at the point where everyday life feels so good that I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with me and this will end at any moment.. but it doesn’t. I wake up the next day feeling better than the one before.

I went from not caring about getting a girlfriend AT ALL. I would avoid certain situations because I didn’t even feel like interacting with women, to now, thinking about one everyday and wanting to get to know a women and to see if we’re compatible for a relationship.

I started texting 2 girls and the conversations seem so effortless now, my mind is clear and I’m able to enjoy talking to them without only thinking about getting fucking nudes.. I was pathetic.

Changes after quitting porn

As far as other changes I’m noticing, keep in mind it hasn’t even been 30 days, after 13 years of hours daily. A side note, I genuinely feel like mindset has helped speed this process up immensely. I am staying positive no matter what and I don’t entertain negative thoughts for more than 2 seconds.

  • my libido is coming back. I went from literally sometimes not even being able to get hard while watching porn if it wasn’t a video I really liked, to now getting instantly hard just thinking for 2 seconds about getting head from one of the girls I talk too.

  • my mind is so clear that It feels like everything makes sense instantly and I’m able to speak effortlessly. It’s like the words just come out.

  • my motivation is at least 50% higher than 30 days ago. I find myself just sitting down and getting to work on side businesses.

  • my skin is literally glowing. I went from acne to looking for a pimple.

  • I have so much more energy, it feels like I sleep an extra 3 hours.

  • my happiness is improving everyday and I’m finding myself enjoying day to day life. The simple stuff. I caught myself just sitting on the couch and watching soccer and truly just enjoying being present. ( I don’t even like watching soccer)

Stay positive

Thank you for reading my post. I have to give credit to the mindset.

If you’re able to use your mind to control your brain.. you can do anything.

I feel unstoppable and a sense of limitless potential!

Stay positive! It’s worth it! If anyone would like to talk my inbox is open for ya.

By – therealslimshady961

Link – After 13 years of almost daily use for hours to now only M once a month without porn. Life feels so good.

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