I respect women more and I’m learning to appreciate real sex

I respect women more

I respect women more and I’m learning to appreciate real sex.

From r/pornfree:

I have been a porn addict since I was a young boy (11 Or 12, now 22). The last year or so I have seen the light and have been fighting this addiction with some success!

One thing I have found is an appreciation for actual genuine sex and connecting with someone on a physical level. Whereas porn-addict me would simply just use sex and porn as a means of getting myself off.

It brings with it such an unhealthy mindset of abuse and using another’s body for your own pleasure, a sexual selfishness which is completely unfulfilling for everyone.

Porn made sex boring

In my previous relationship at times I couldn’t wait until she had left so I could watch porn, and I found sex to be very mundane and boring compared with all the fucked up internet fantasies I could indulge in by myself. It drove a mental wedge between us and I couldn’t see it. As well as erectile dysfunction🤢, It also led to more dirtiness in the bedroom, a lack of respect for her and just overall negativity.

And I didn’t even think this was a problem! In hindsight it is obvious how horrible this mindset is, but when you are addicted you don’t even think about it.

Reclaiming my joy in romance and sex

In healing from this addiction and mindset, I am reclaiming the innocence and joy of wholesome and innocent romance and intercourse. It does not have to be dirty and fucked up. It truly can be the beautiful physical connection of two souls. Come join me in this incredible journey of reclaiming your love and joy.

Peace and love ✌❤

LINK – Learning to appreciate ACTUAL sex 

By – samoconnell99

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