My sex life has significantly improved

My Sex Life has significantly improved

One of my new years resolutions was to quit porn forever and stop masturbating.,today is day 21 since i started my resolution on December 29th This is my longest streak in 7 years. I feel great! It feels as though when the clock hit 12 on January first my relationship for porn fully died, no urges, no obligation, no hiding, absolutely nothing. And it feels good. My sex life has significantly improved with my fiancé: long sessions more sensitivity, and a clearer mind.

I even started to workout again!


I started fapping around the age of 11, and I didn’t really take true interest in it until the raging hormonal age of 13. This addiction began from just watching porn for about 10 minutes a day to running home LITERALLY to spend hours on a computer to look at girls who I would never obtain, and never knew. I always had a large personality, i’m the guy everyone knows and jokes around with while masking my truth about sexual addiction.

Moving forward

Now at 22 I need the encouragement to stay strong, and I thank this reddit for all the strong advice and help that you all post everyday, its helps me so much. I hope this is encouragement for someone, and pray for my upholding strength whatever faith you are in, have a blessed one .🙏🏾❤️

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