No more sexless marriage

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No more sexless marriage:

Sorry this may trigger a little but it’s a positive success story so aiming for it to encourage others!

It’s not quite click bait with the word obsessed but my gosh. I am nearing day 14. I got my days wrong and I have gone longer – I included all masturbation but as I have read more I realized that the last masturbation I had was by my wife, and part of a sex act, so doesn’t count.

Anyway – I am becoming completely besotted with my wife. It’s like all my energy is being directed to her, she in turn is radiating. I think about her all the time (in a healthy way), I can’t keep my hands off of her, from kissing and cuddling to massages and well everything. She in turn is super happy and it’s like it feeds itself. I hug her and I get hard, it’s amazing it’s like all that wasted energy is being rerouted and sex is creeping back into the marriage

Still a way to go yet but keep up the programme gents – it’s 100% worth it!

LINK – Completely obsessed with my wife

By – genericusernameid

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