Age 16 – Serious problem getting hard

Serious problem getting hard

I used to have a serious problem getting hard. I’m a 16-year-old guy, no longer a virgin, and I’m pretty sure I had PIED because I used to fap basically everyday and sometimes more then 3 times a day for years. I was introduced to porn very young and it bit me in the ass later on because I couldn’t get hard. My girl had my dick in her mouth for the first time and I STILL couldn’t get hard. It made me feel so bad and like I wasn’t enough, it was horrible.

I stopped watching porn and masturbating and I drank more water and even started working out and then eventually I noticed progress. This girl stuck with me thru the times I couldn’t give her myself sexually fully and in the end it helped. I’m still 16 and I am no longer a virgin. My dick is still healing but wow has NoFap totally saved me.

In short to help with PIED
-Zero porn
-Zero Masturbation
-Eat and drink healthy
-Work out often

LINK – Serious problem getting hard

By – Penisman

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