There are perfectly healthy kinks/fetishes, but sissy hypno isn’t one of them; trust me

People often don’t understand that porn can trick your brain into thinking you’re gay when in reality that’s completely untrue. Various people then comment on such posts here and advise the person to experiment and accept that part of yourself, but that’s very wrong. Those of you who do that shit are the final nail in the coffin for such people.

For example, I went from straight porn to sissy hypno (one of the worst and manipulating porn there is) to gay porn over time. It was the fucking porn that made me think I was bisexual. But in reality I am not. It’s just your brain playing games with you. Don’t believe any bullshit your head is telling you. You’re straight. Quit porn now.

… I’m already beginning to feel better and realize it’s just a gay kink/fetish I developed from excessive watching of porn, not my actual sexual orientation. I have absolutely no problem with gay or bisexual people and don’t see anything wrong with being attracted to the same sex. But I’m just making a point here. There is a difference between being actually homosexual/bisexual and having a gay fetish from severe porn addiction that will fade away with time.

  1. If you’ve been heterosexual all your life and never felt attracted to the same sex before watching porn, the chances of you being bisexual are very slim. I think you just watched too much porn like me and straight porn just doesn’t satisfy you anymore. You seriously need to quit porn and see for yourself.
  2. Watching any genre of pornography doesn’t always define your sexuality. There are people who are into some fucked up shit only because of heavy porn addiction…

Stop watching porn and you will see what you genuinely like without fetishes from porn standing in your way. Just chill. It will fade away, trust me. You just really need to take NoFap seriously and stay away from porn.

[reply] I’m not saying there is harm in trying something in the real world. I’m saying, that trying something that is against your natural sexual preference and is caused by brain fog from external source like pornography, is wrong. I don’t agree with that being completely ok and harm-free, because later down the road, people can heavily regret it and feel bad about it. And this is not something I made up, there are actual cases. I know there are perfectly healthy kinks/fetishes, but sissy hypno isn’t one of them, trust me. I speak from experience. It can fuck with your mind to the point you consider suicide. I think you are the one misunderstanding the point here, man.

LINK – Just because you get turned on by gay porn doesn’t mean you’re actually gay or bi.

By adam3436

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