Realyourbrainonporn (Daniel Burgess, Nicole Prause) defamation/harassment of Gary Wilson: They “discover” fake porn URLs in the Internet Wayback Archive (August, 2019)

Daniel Burgess

Context: “Real”, @BrainOnPorn, Daniel Burgess and Nicole Prause

Prior to February of 2018 I had never heard of Daniel Burgess LMFT. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Burgess used multiple social media platforms to attack me and YBOP. Burgess’s targeted harassment and defamation occurred on Twitter (under several @YourBrainOnPorn tweets) and Facebook (the YBOP Facebook page, one of Burgess’s Facebook pages, and the Marriage and Family Therapists Facebook page).

During his February/March, 2018 social media campaign, Daniel Burgess defamed and harassed me – regurgitating Nicole Prause’s usual set of lies and fabrications of victim-hood, which she has spewed for several years. Burgess’s comments and tweets were nearly identical to Prause’s litany of invented misdeeds, leaving no doubt that Burgess and Prause collaborate and are in close communication. (There are rumors of a private Facebook group.) As an example of his malice, I’ll provide Burgess’s initial comment on YBOP’s Facebook page. It includes Nicole Prause’s baseless 2015 cease and desist letter to me (how did Burgess obtain this letter?). Screenshots of Burgess posting numerous defamatory comments on the YBOP Facebook page (this is where I first encountered Daniel Burgess). Very important to note: as of November, 2020 Burgess libelous comments were still there.

We long ago addressed Prause’s trumped up cease and desist letter. Nothing in it was true. Prause regularly sends spurious C&D letters (obviously written by her, not her lawyer) as a tactic of intimidation: Ongoing – Prause silencing people with fake “no contact” demands and spurious cease & desist letters (Linda Hatch, Rob Weiss, Gabe Deem, Gary Wilson, Marnia Robinson, Alex Rhodes, etc.). Since the C&Ds are fiction, with never an iota of supporting evidence, Prause’s victims usually pay them no mind.

Soon after Burgess defamed me on the YBOP Facebook page and Twitter, he set his sights on  “Marriage and Family Therapists.” The eighteen replies to Burgess by therapists Staci Sprout and Forest Benedict remain, most of Burgess’s defamatory tirade has been deleted. Because Burgess displayed his defamation before 6,000 licensed therapists and the YBOP Facebook audience, I felt it necessary to debunk his malicious comments (and his unsupported claims about the preponderance of porn research): Addressing Unsupported Claims and Personal Attacks by Daniel Burgess (March, 2018).

Mr. Burgess’s choice to become Nicole Prause’s errand boy is a key element of this story, as a year later they collaborate once again: (1) engaging in unlawful trademark infringement of by creating, and, (2) operating the social media accounts for (specifically the trademark-infringing Twitter account – @BrainOnPorn). In fact, in late July, 2019 Daniel Burgess was exposed as the person controlling the trademark-infringing URL

Before we return to the failed “Fake URLs” smear campaign of August, 2019, a brief history of Dr. Prause is in order.

In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly harassing, libeling and cyberstalking Gary Wilson. (Prause’s UCLA contract was not renewed and she has not been employed by an academic institution since January, 2015.) Within a short time she also began targeting others, including researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, a former UCLA colleague, a UK charity, men in recovery, a TIME magazine editor, several professors, IITAP, SASH, Fight The New Drug, Exodus Cry,, RebootNation, YourBrainRebalanced, the academic journal Behavioral Sciences, its parent company MDPI, US Navy medical doctors, the head of the academic journal CUREUS, and the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity – to name a few.

While spending her waking hours harassing & defaming others, Prause cleverly cultivated – with zero verifiable evidence – a myth that she was “the victim” of most anyone who dared to disagree with her assertions surrounding porn’s effects or the current state of porn research. To counter the ongoing harassment and false claims, YBOP was compelled to document some of Prause’s activities. Consider the following pages. (Additional incidents have occurred that we are not at liberty to divulge – as Prause’s victims fear further retribution.)

Years of harassment and defamation finally caught up with Burgess’s partner Prause. On May 8, 2019 Donald Hilton, MD filed a defamation per se lawsuit against Nicole Prause & Liberos LLC. On July 24, 2019 Donald Hilton amended his defamation complaint to add (1) a malicious Texas Board of Medical Examiners complaint, (2) false accusations that Dr. Hilton had falsified his credentials, and (3) sworn affidavits from 9 other Prause victims of similar harassment (John Adler, MD, Gary Wilson, Alexander Rhodes, Staci Sprout, LICSW, Linda Hatch, PhD, Bradley Green, PhD, Stefanie Carnes, PhD, Geoff Goodman, PhD, Laila Haddad.)

You would think that a $10,000,000 defamation suit against his chum might have tempered Burgess’s defamatory impulsiveness. Apparently not. In addition to the character-impugning porn-smear campaign (below) conducted by the “Real Brain On Porn” Twitter account (which mirrors Nicole Prause’s litany of falsehoods), the Twitter account also explicitly accused me of at least 3 felonies:

  1. Stalking women in person
  2. Making death threats, and
  3. Hacking into websites.

As explained in more detail below, concurrent with @BrainOnPorn’s 4-day, 100+ tweet rampage, the“RealYourBrainOnPorn” website admin (under Burgess’s control) emailed friends of mine with similar astounding lies.

Publicly accusing people of sexual misconduct and felonies is actionable. In fact, the above libelous statements are deemed “defamation per se” – which means that I need not show any commercial damages in order to recover (the proceeds from my book go to charity and I make no money from YBOP).

Note: This is not the first time RealYBOP (Burgess/Prause) has engaged in defamation. Other incidents, often involving involving numerous tweets, are documented in these sections of the “Prause pages“:

Update (November, 2019): Finally, some accurate media coverage of Prause and RealYBOP twitter: “Alex Rhodes of Porn Addiction Support Group ‘NoFap’ Sues Obsessed Pro-Porn Sexologist for Defamation” by Megan Fox of PJ Media and “Porn wars get personal in No Nut November”, by Diana Davison of The Post Millennial. Davison also produced this 6-minute video about Prause’s egregious behaviors: “Is Porn Addictive?”.

Update (January, 2020): Alex Rhodes filed an amended complaint against Prause which also names the RealYBOP twitter account (@BrainOnPorn) as engaging in defamation. RealYBOP’s lies, harassment, defamation, and cyberstalking have caught up with it. The @BrainOnPorn twitter is now being named in two defamation lawsuits. PDF’s of court documents naming @BrainOnPorn:

  1. July, 2019: Gary Wilson affidavit: Donald Hilton defamation lawsuit against Nicole R Prause & Liberos LLC.
  2. Nicole Prause & David Ley commit perjury in Don Hilton defamation lawsuit.
  3. First Amended Complaint: 1-24-20 – Alex Rhodes v. Nicole Prause (20 pages)
  4. Exhibit #3: Screenshots of Nicole Prause and @BrainOnPorn defaming Alex Rhodes (61 pages)
  5. Exhibit #11: Gary Wilson affidavit (123 pages)
  6. Exhibit #10: Staci Sprout, LCSW affidavit (15 pages)

Relevant excerpts from Alex Rhodes’s amended complaint:


Update (August, 2020): Court rulings expose Prause as the perpetrator, not the victimIn March of 2020, Prause sought a groundless temporary restraining order (TRO) against me using fabricated “evidence” and her usual lies (falsely accusing me of stalking). In Prause’s request for the restraining order she perjured herself, saying I posted her address on YBOP and Twitter (perjury is nothing new with Prause). I filed an lawsuit against Prause for misusing the legal system (TRO) to silence and harass me. On August 6, the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled that Prause’s attempt to obtain a restraining order against me constituted a frivolous and illegal “strategic lawsuit against public participation” (commonly called a “SLAPP suit”). In essence, the Court found that Prause abused the restraining order process to bully me into silence and undercut his rights to free speech. By law, the SLAPP ruling obligates Prause to pay my attorney fees.

Update (January, 2021): Gary Wilson now owns the RealYBOP URL. See – ATTENTION: YBOP acquires in trademark infringement settlement

Update (January, 2021): Prause filed a second frivolous legal proceeding against me in December, 2020 for alleged defamation. At a hearing on January 22, 2021 an Oregon court ruled in my favor and charged Prause with costs and an additional penalty. This failed effort was one of a dozen lawsuits Prause publicly threatened and/or filed in the previous months. After years of malicious reporting, she has escalated to threats of actual lawsuits to try to silence those who reveal her close ties to the porn industry and her malicious conduct, or who have made sworn statements in the 3 defamation suits currently active against her.

August 21, 2019: @RonSwansonTime (likely Burgess alias), Nicole Prause, NerdyKinkyCommie, and David Ley magically “discover” fraudulent porn URLs on the Internet WayBack Machine

On August 21, 2019, a likely Burgess alias (@RonSwansonTime – more on “RonSwanson” below) tweeted a screenshot of fraudulent porn URLs (of pages that never existed). It appeared under a NerdyKinkyCommie tweet ranting about me. (Nerdy is a professional troll and Prause-collaborator who received a 7-day Twitter suspension for harassing me.):

After being outed as a likely Burgess alias, @RonSwansonTime apparently thought better of his participation and set his Twitter account to “protected” (just more evidence that Ron Swanson is really Burgess). The initial Twitter thread “discovering” Mormon porn URLs on the Wayback Machine (8/21/19):

These tweets are the first I, or anyone else, had ever heard of the existence of the fake URLs (of nonexistent pages on YBOP’s Wayback Machine archive).

Initial sequence of events on August 21st:

  1. Nerdy trolls me (for the 100th time or so)
  2. @RonSwansonTime immediately post 2 tweets on the thread, with screenshots and links to the WayBack Machine
  3. Nicole Prause immediately joins the thread
  4. David Ley adds his two cents

Aug 22, 2019: admin sends emails containing libelous claims to Gary Wilson’s friends and associates (on the same day @BrainOnPorn posts 14 tweets targeting Wilson)

As expected the trolls and stalkers upped their harassment and defamation. On August 22 this email by the realyourbrainonporn website admin was forwarded to Gary Wilson. (As Burgess owns the URL, we must assume the following was sent by him.)

As the organization forwarding the email knows me, and is keenly aware of RealYBOP’s trademark infringement, and Prause’s long history of defaming and harassing those in the porn skeptics movement, they knew it was all lies.

At the same time RealYBOP sent out libelous emails, its Twitter account (@BrainOnPorn) began furiously pumping out libelous tweets insisting that I had placed 300 “Mormon porn” URLs on my website over a 3-year period starting in 2016 (without anyone ever noticing). One of the fourteen @BrainOnPorn tweets targeting me on August 22nd:

Although @BrainOnPorn began its obsessive Twitter rampage with the Mormon-porn fabrication, it quickly descended into numerous incidents of unrelated defamation. By the end of the weekend @BrainOnPorn had posted over 100 tweets targeting me. @BrainOnPorn often tweeted in my existing threads, or under anyone who had tagged me, or harassed those who retweeted one of my tweets.

Aug 22, 2019: Concurrently, a fake Twitter account is created to post content duplicating RealYBOP’s emails and tweets:

At the same time that RealYBOP was sending libelous emails and obsessively tweeting fake porn URLs, a fake Twitter account appeared posting the same drivel: The CorrectingWilson account tagged the exact same Twitter accounts as RealYBOP was tagging in dozens of similar tweets (Gail Dines, Fight The New Drug, John Foubert,  SASH123, and YourBrainOnPorn):

It’s no secret who created The troll account was reported and Twitter promptly banned it:

How mentally unhinged is RealYBOP? Or is RealYBOP serving another master?

August 22-24, 2019: Gary Wilson responds, debunking lies that YBOP ever contained Mormon porn URLs or content

In this August 24, 2019 Twitter thread I expose RealYBOP’s targeted harassment/defamation and explain how anyone can insert fake URLs into the Internet Wayback Machine.

This juvenile attack was apparently orchestrated over 2 years and came to light on on August 21, 2019, as explained above. It involved fraudulent URLs (of nonexistent pages) placed on the Internet Wayback Machine, an archive of snapshots of websites across time (operated by a non-profit).

In addition to grabbing screenshots of webpages, the Wayback Machine lists URLs it has archived – or been requested to archive – on its site. The following link goes to all 100,000 YBOP URLs archived since YBOP was created in 2010 (it takes a while to load):*/* As of this writing, the first 3 pages (out of 2,000) contain URLs for what would appear to be “Mormon porn. A few examples from the first 3 pages:

The “Mormon porn” URLs only ever existed in the Wayback Machine Archive. They were requested to be archived there simply to defame. They never existed on my site (and consequently they never had any content…sorry, porn fans).

The bogus Wayback archive “porn” links go nowhere except to “Page not found” pages on the Wayback Machine (404 pages). This establishes that they never existed because legitimate Wayback archive links go to screenshots of webpage content instead. Try it for yourself. Click on any of the Mormon porn URLs and all you will get is a “Page not found” screenshot. Never existed.

An example of a random Mormon Porn URL: – A “record” of the fake URL in the archives:

The Wayback screenshot of the above URL from 2017 (notice how its the old version of YBOP):

Another example says the page was never archived:*/

All the Mormon porn URLs are fake, manually inserted by a trickster.

Here’s what a legitimate archived YBOP page from the past looks like:

Simplified: The Wayback Machine URL is only real if it grabbed a screenshot of an actual page with content, not if it grabbed a screenshot of a “page not found” (a 404) error.

August 22-24, 2019: To prove anyone can insert fake URLs into the Wayback machine, I did it for YBOP

RealYBOP falsely asserted in multiple tweets that fake URLs could not be inserted into the Wayback Machine. So I did it (as did a few of my techie friends). The “Using the Wayback Machine” page located here provides instructions. An excerpt:

Can I add pages to the Wayback Machine?

On you can use the “Save Page Now” feature to save a specific page one time. This does not currently add the URL to any future crawls nor does it save more than that one page. It does not save multiple pages, directories or entire sites.

So I went to and requested that it archive a page on my site at “”, the Wayback Machine created this:*/ A screenshot of the fake YBOP URL archived in the Wayback Machine:

As with all the “YBOP” Mormon porn URLs, a screenshot of a “page not found (404)” error is archived into the Wayback Machine :

I also inserted another very relevant fake URL into the Wayback Machine:*/

Ignoring my evidence that fake URLs had just been inserted into the Wayback Machine, RealYBOP continued shrieking that it could not be done – “a computer engineer already documented it is not possible“:

RealYBOP repeated this disproved mantra in dozens tweets over the weekend, even claiming to have “talked to the director of Google about it”. Oh please.

August 23-24, 2019: An anonymous ally inserted fake URLs into Wayback Machine archive of

In a failed attempt to “prove” that fake URLs cannot be inserted into the Wayback Machine, RealYBOP tweeted a screenshot RealYBOP’s 11 archived URLs:*/*

Big mistake. An ally let me know that an anonymous person inserted two fake URLs into realyourbrainonporn’s own Wayback Archive:


Screenshot of the “impossible” below. (Again, who was the ‘computer engineer” that said this couldn’t be done?)

Screenshot of the archived fake realyourbrainonporn page:*/

Applying the false logic of RealYourBrainOnPorn, if the Wayback Machine archived it, the URL “RealYourBrainOnPorn are terrible people” must be on their website, and true.

Again, I had nothing to with the above demonstration (but it is hilarious).

In response to the above evidence, a normal defamer would have put down the smartphone, and stopped tweeting the same disproven lie that URLs cannot be inserted into the WayBack archive. But @BrainOnPorn is far from normal. After I tweeted the above, @BrainOnPorn added 60 or more tweets to his unhinged and defamatory attack on me.

August 22-25, 2019: How did the trickster get the “Mormon porn URLs” to group together on only the first 3 pages (out of the 2,000 pages of YBOP archived URLs)?

How did the cyber-trickster cause the “Mormon porn URLs” to group together on the first 3 pages (out of 2000 pages of YBOP URLs)? S/he put double backslashes (//) into the fake porn URLs. Because the WayBack Machine archive organizes URLs alphabetically, the porn URLs with the extra symbol appeared (alphabetically) above normal URLs (a symbol is before a letter or number). Here’s how to compare a real YBOP archived URL vs a fake archived URL:

  • Legitimate YBOP URL on the Wayback Machine –
  • Fake YBOP URL on the Wayback Machine  –

A screenshot of a few of the trickster URLs that were inserted into the Wayback Machine:

As legitimate URLs only contain a single backslash, this screenshot confirms that the Wayback “porn URLs” were fraudulent.

Hey @BrainOnPorn what was the name of that computer expert you claimed said the porn URLs were real? Oh yeah, you never provided a name.

August 26, 2019: In a 4-day rampage @BrainOnPorn posts over 100 tweets targeting Gary Wilson (many containing defamation per se).

As mentioned in the intro, @BrainOnPorn posted over 100 tweets targeting Gary Wilson during a 4-day Twitter rampage. Nearly every @BrainOnPorn tweet contained at least one defamatory statement (most contained several). Rather than posting 100+ tweets here, including tweets RealYBOP posted under other comments out of context, visit this link to see all the @BrainOnPorn tweets targeting me between August 22-26: Over 100 RealYBOP tweets targeting Gary Wilson from August 22-26. Most contain defamation by RealYBOP.

In addition to the character-impugning campaign conducted by the “Brain On Porn” Twitter account, the Twitter account also explicitly accused me of at least 3 felonies (screenshots below):

  • Stalking women in person
  • Making death threats, and
  • Hacking into websites.

Publicly accusing people of sexual/professional misconduct and felonies is actionable. In fact, if a tribunal deems RealYBOP’s (Burgess/Prause) actions “defamation per se,” I need not show any commercial damages in order to recover. I am investigating the remedies open to me to seek redress for RealYBOP’s (Burgess/Prause) actions.

A few disgusting examples taken from the many RealYBOP tweets engaging in defamation:

All the above mirror the lies Nicole Prause has posted countless times. (These pages provide extensive documentation of Prause’s lies and harassment and my responses: ) Since all are addressed on the Prause pages I’ll provide short responses with links for each incident of defamation.

1) lied he’s a professor

Prause has been spreading this lie for years, yet she has never provided an iota of documentation (never does). A few articles by journalists who never contacted me referred to me incorrectly by various titles, including “professor.” This was their error, not mine. This section of the page documenting Prause’s harassment exposes this tired falsehood: Ongoing – Prause falsely claims that Gary Wilson has misrepresented his credentials.

2) lied his account was hacked with porn

Addressed on the current page.

3) lied he taught a college class

Not only has Prause falsely claimed that I never taught at Southern Oregon University, she and David Ley falsely claimed I was fired from SOU. Prause even wrote an article about about my supposed firing, which she placed on a porn industry website. SOU lawyers had to get involved! See –  Nicole Prause & David Ley libelous claim that Gary Wilson was fired from Southern Oregon University.

In her pornography website article and on Quora, Prause posted redacted copies of my employment records (see above link) and knowingly, falsely stated that Southern Oregon University had fired me. On the same day she published her Quora article, Prause posted ten more demeaning and untruthful comments about me all containing a link to her defamatory piece. She tweeted her articles and Quora comments. This resulted in Prause being permanently banned from Quora for harassing and defaming me, and Prause’s Liberos Twitter account being suspended for violation of Twitter Rules.

I taught at Southern Oregon University on two occasions. I also taught anatomy, physiology and pathology at a number of other schools over a period of two decades, and was certified to teach these subjects by the state education departments of both Oregon and California.

4) was told by ACLU to stop harassing us

Not so. As explained in the “Ron Swanson” section below, on June 21, 2019 RealYBOP involved the Southern California ACLU in my trademark infringement dispute with Prause (Nicole Prause resides in LA). A SoCal ACLU lawyer sent a bizarre letter to my trademark lawyers, asserting that RealYBOP experts had a right to disparage me and YBOP. The SoCal ACLU lawyer was only responding to a section of a single sentence  from my 8-page cease and desist letter to RealYBOP and Nicole Prause (the sentence in question was taken out of context and misrepresented by SoCal ACLU). The ACLU letter has nothing to with the trademark dispute. How RealYBOP persuaded SoCal ACLU to produce an irrelevant, inappropriate letter for RealYBOP to misrepresent in tweets is beyond comprehension. (Note – we have contacted the national ACLU asking for a formal investigation.) Bottom line: Our legal actions against Daniel Burgess and Nicole Prause proceed, unaffected by the irrelevant ACLU letter.

5) has many FBI and police reports for stalking

I have never stalked anyone. In another tweet, RealYBOP claimed I physically stalked women. This lie constitutes defamation per se.

Prause has been lying about reporting me to the FBI and other police authorities for 6 years running. Prause has also repeatedly lied about reporting NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes to the FBI. Both Rhodes and I filed filed an FOIA request with the FBI to find out if Prause had ever filed a report naming us. As expected the FOIA revealed that Prause has never filed a FBI report, even though she has tweeted this multiple times and posted this same claim on the FTND Facebook page (see this section May 30, 2018: Prause falsely accuses FTND of science fraud, and implies that she has reported Gary to the FBI twice). See these pages for documentation:

We do know that Prause has an FBI report filed on her (for lying about filing FBI reports): December, 2018: Gary Wilson files an FBI report on Nicole Prause.

6) promotes antisemitism that sends death threats to us

Both are lies. Once again, RealYBOP provides no documentation of either assertion. Falsely stating that I sent death threats constitutes defamation per se.

As for antisemitism or white supremacy, I am, in fact, a far left liberal and the very antithesis of a “white supremacist.” For the truth, listen to this interview: Porn Science and Science Deniers (Interview with Wilson). Please note that calling people names (and then attempting to establish “guilt by association”) is a favorite tactic of those who can’t take on the substance of the porn debate. Have a look at these sections of a page documenting some of the many attacks I and others have been subjected to:

August 26, 2019: @BrainOnPorn justifies its 100+ defamatory twitter rampage by falsely claiming RealYBOP experts are mentioned 100’s-1000’s of times on YBOP

@BrainOnPorn justified his 100+ defamatory Twitter rampage by claiming YBOP has mentioned RealYBOP experts hundreds to thousands times. Since YBOP contains 12,000 pages and is a clearinghouse for everything porn related (studies, articles, videos, lay articles, critiques, analyses, etc.) it does contain multiple mentions of some of the “experts’. However, RealYBOP’s numbers are wildly exaggerated in order to construct a distorted narrative.

The “case” is far from closed.

Because Google translates each YBOP page into 100 languages, a solitary mention on a single YBOP page can lead to a Google search returning 100 pages. In other words, you might need to divide RealYBOP’s number by 100. I’ll provide an example using “Michael Seto,” which is falsely claimed to appear on YBOP 392 times.

A proper Google search (michael seto returns 103 “Seto” pages, but almost all are duplicate YBOP pages, in other languages. The accurate way to search is use YBOP search engine, which returns only 7 instances. All 7 returns are pages related to our trademark dispute with RealYBOP and Nicole Prause.

Michael Seto is mentioned on YBOP because he is a proud member of RealYBOP “expert’s” page, and YBOP has several pages devoted to ongoing litigation with RealYBOP, RealYBOP’s misrepresentation of the research, RealYBOP’s defamatory social media campaigns, and dirty tricks.

What about RealYBOP’s claim that “Prause” is found 9,710 times on YBOP? Nope. Although 10,000 instances would seem about right considering YBOP contains 6 extensive pages (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) documenting 7 years of Prause defaming & harassing me and many others.

In reality, a valid Google search for “Prause” (prause on September 2nd, returns only 5,500 results (not 9,710). And like the Google search for “Seto,” the majority of the returns are duplicated YBOP pages, in other languages. For example, one of the Google search pages (8 out of 10 are duplicates):

In October, 2018, before YBOP was redesigned to employ “Google Translate” the true result for “Prause” on is 565 mentions (I say “true” because Prause has employed a clever trick to produce fraudulent Google search numbers, as explained in this section: Prause falsely claims in a tweet that her name appears over 35,000 (or 82,000) times on YBOP):

Why does contain more than 500 instances of “Prause?” First, the pages chronicling Prause’s behaviors alone contain hundreds of instances of “Prause.” Second, YBOP contains about 12,000 pages (and growing). It’s a clearinghouse for nearly everything associated with Internet porn use and its effects on users. Prause has published multiple studies about porn use and hypersexuality, and describes herself as a professional debunker of porn addiction and porn-induced sexual problems.

A Google search for “Nicole Prause” + pornography returns about 37,000 pages. Perhaps thanks to her pricey public relations firm, she’s quoted in hundreds of journalistic articles about porn use and porn addiction. She has published several papers related to pornography use. She’s regularly featured in the media, claiming to have debunked porn addiction with a single (heavily criticized) study. So Prause’s name inevitably shows up a lot on a site that functions as a clearinghouse for research and news associated with Internet porn’s effects.

Not only do Prause’s studies appear on YBOP, so do thousands of other studies, many of which cite “Prause” in their reference sections. Also, YBOP has published very long critiques of seven Prause papers, and hosts at least 18 peer-reviewed critiques of her studies. Further, YBOP contains at least a dozen lay critiques of Prause’s work.

YBOP also hosts many journalistic articles that quote Nicole Prause, and YBOP often responds to Prause’s claims in these articles. YBOP also debunks many of the talking points put forth by Prause and her close ally David Ley (and now, RealYBOP).

Of course, this isn’t about Prause; YBOP also critiques other questionable research on porn and related subjects. All critiques are not personal, but rather evidence-based.

Addendum #1 – Evidence that @RonSwansonTime is really Daniel Burgess

The “Ron Swanson” Twitter account is fake. It’s over 3 years old, has only tweeted maybe 20 times, and Mr. Swanson doesn’t exist (a dead give-away).

On June 14, 2019 I posted the following Twitter thread in response to harassment and defamation from the “RealYourBrainOnPorn” Twitter account. (As explained here, the RealYBOP website & social media accounts are engaging in illegal trademark infringement and trademark squatting.) On June 15th the dormant “Ron Swanson” account entered my thread claiming to have a background in law, offering me legal assistance:

A quick examination of “Ron Swanson’s” Twitter revealed it was fake and probably conducting a fishing expedition. I suspected “Swanson” was Burgess because out of its 20 tweets in 3 years one linked to pictures of Burgess and his wife engaging in a CrossFit competition (prior to deletion, Burgess’s primary Facebook page was CrossFit Dan). The “Ron Swanson” tweet with a link:

The link goes to this NugentTherapy Instagram post (oops, it’s suddenly deleted):

It’s no secret that Burgess and his wife met at CrossFit. He’s even created a Facebook page chronicling all this. (Note: because Burgess is not only defaming me, trolling me, sending me threatening letters, engaging in blatant trademark infringement, and now litigation, we have been forced to document his and his aliases online behaviors.)

Mystery of “Ron Swanson” solved.

The minute RealYBOP tweeted the SoCal ACLU letter (described earlier on this page) “Ron Swanson” tweeted it four times, all at @YourBrainOnPorn. The “Ron Swanson” account hadn’t tweeted anything since his two June 15 tweets offering sage legal advice. The four tweets:

Suspicions confirmed.

The “Ron Swanson” account went silent until August 21, 2019, when “Ron” was the first account to tweet about the fake “Mormon porn” URLs on the Wayback Machine archive:

After Ron Swanson was formally outed as a likely Burgess alias, “Ron” made his Twitter account (with 9 followers) private:

Why would a fake Twitter account go private? To hide evidence?