Critiques of Questionable & Misleading Studies; Debunking Propaganda Pieces

Introduction This section of the site provides critiques of studies and commentaries about which YBOP and others have serious reservations. In some, the methodology raises concerns. In others, the conclusions appear inadequately supported. And, in others, the title or terminology used is misleading given the actual study results. Some grossly misrepresent the real findings. Others […]

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Neural correlates of sexual cue reactivity in individuals with and without compulsive sexual behaviours


contains extensive research archives. You can find these via The Main Research Page, which starts with an overview of current research. At the very bottom of that page you can find links to categories of studies, such as Pornography and Adolescents, Porn Use & Sex Addiction, and Internet Addiction. Critiques of Questionable & Misleading Studies/Debunking […]

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Marty Klein

Debunking “Why Are We Still So Worried About Wat­­ching Porn?” (by Marty Klein, Taylor Kohut, and Nicole Prause)

Introduction This critique has two parts: Part 1 exposes how Nicole Prause, Marty Klein and Taylor Kohut completely misrepresent their solitary bit of “evidence” to support the article’s core falsehood – that “compulsive pornography viewing” was excluded from the new ICD-11 “Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder” diagnosis. Part 2 exposes the startling omissions, false claims, research […]

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