evidence for Porn-induced ED

Porn-induced ED: Empirical Evidence (for “skeptics”)

Porn-induced ED is a relatively recent phenomenon, but there is now a strong scientific literature exploring how it came to exist and what can be done to treat it. Introduction Studies assessing young male sexuality since 2010 report historic levels of sexual dysfunctions, and startling rates of a new scourge: low libido. Documented in this […]

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Pornography and Adolescents

Pornography and Adolescents Studies

Pornography and Adolescents studies are listed below this introduction. An (L) in front of the link indicates a lay article, usually about a study. These relevant articles & videos by YBOP may be of interest: Why Shouldn’t Johnny Watch Porn If He Likes? First Sex: Just The Science Please Young Porn Users Need Longer To […]

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This page contains short internet addiction summaries of the latest research on Internet Addiction (As of 2020 we are no longer adding studies to this current page: see this page for all Internet addiction studies). Other studies involving Internet Gaming Addiction (IGD) can be found here. Internet addiction brain studies have already confirmed the presence […]

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How long will it take to recover from Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction?

This is the number one question we get from guys suffering porn-induced ED. However, we cannot predict how long it will take for your erectile health to return. Among those who stick with it, progression is surprisingly similar—when guys completely stop using pornography, and masturbation as well for a time, because it is initially so closely associated with porn fantasy.


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Does porn addiction cause irreversible damage to the brain?

It’s a common and erroneous belief that addiction equals “harm” to the brain, or that addiction is caused by “damage” to the brain. While certain addictive substances (meth, alcohol) can be neurotoxic, addiction is caused by a specific constellation of brain changes that are not necessarily classified as “brain damage”. Debunking the damage as addiction […]

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There are no scientific studies that say porn is addictive, right?

This FAQ is now obsolete as the world’s most widely used medical diagnostic manual, The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), contains a new diagnosis suitable for porn addiction and cybersex addiction: “Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder.” The current state of the scientific research supports the existence of porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunctions. For example, a […]

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Sex Addiction Studies

Porn Use & Sex Addiction Studies

Although this section is named “Porn Use & Sex Addiction Studies,” Internet porn addiction is not really sex addiction (see Porn Addiction Is Not Sex Addiction–And Why It Matters). Internet porn addiction is considered by many experts to be a subset of internet addiction. YBOP has created several lists of porn studies. An (L) in […]

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about us

About Us

is about what it says in the name – your brain and porn. It is maintained by a group effort that includes men who have recovered from internet-porn related problems. It was founded by the late Gary Wilson, a retired anatomy, physiology & pathology teacher (more below). You can contact YBOP admins here. Please do not […]

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