Analysis of “Data do not support sex as addictive” (Prause et al., 2017)

Introduction Nicole Prause touts yet another of her letters to the editor as “debunking” the existence of sex addiction and porn addiction (“Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder” in the upcoming ICD-11). Yet it does not. This 240-word opinion piece (Prause et al., 2017) cites zero studies to support its claims, providing only a single, easily refuted […]

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withdrawal from porn addiction

What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?

Here are some real-life answers to the question “What does withdrawal from porn addiction look like?” We have contributions from guys going through the process and some thoughts from Gabe Deem. PDF with reports of “Withdrawal Symptoms“ Page with 14 studies reporting withdrawal symptoms in porn users. Listen to a radio show about porn-addiction withdrawal […]

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