What's Driving Your Addiction?

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Pornography addictionIf you want to stop using porn, but can't stop, you have an addiction. All addictions involve changes in the reward circuitry of the brain. Although the science of Internet porn addiction is woven into most of our articles, this section gets more specific.

Are we the first generation to masturbate left-handed?"

An entire generation is becoming "ambi-wackstrous." Some guys would rather give up masturbation than Internet porn. Why?

Why Do I Find Porn More Exciting Than A Partner?

Neuroscience reveals how Internet porn can trump real sex  

Our most in-depth article about the core addiction-related brain change - sensitization. This change is behind cravings, relapses and sexual dysfunctions.

Porn users describe what it’s like to be hooked

With respect to porn, it’s not time spent viewing or what you’re looking at that determines whether your brain has changed. Instead, watch for these signs.

If Internet gaming creates addicts, how can Internet porn not?

Evidence of addiction processes is showing up in the brains of avid Internet gamers. Moreover, use of online erotica has greater potential for becoming compulsive than online gaming according to Dutch researchers.

Is online pornography making us happier?

Simple overview that touches on key ideas. Doesn’t go in depth on any one concept. Good place to get your feet wet, so to speak.

Comprehensive article on dopamine and dopamine receptors. Explains how the novelty of Internet porn can overstimulate the brain. The main point is that natural reinforcers (food, porn, gambling) can mimic drug effects, leading to a numbed pleasure response, and a cycle of cravings.

New research reveals a spiral of dissatisfaction from over-stimulation

A follow-up to "Intoxicating Behaviors" (above).  Further explores the role of dopamine receptors and reward sensitivity in addiction.

By Jove, it’s the reward circuitry!”

As the title says, we learn from porn users. Explains that Internet porn is a supranormal stimulant - an extreme version of a normal reward. Internet porn is way beyond anything our ancestors ever encountered.

Boys today have access to super-stimulating porn that may lead to erectile dysfunction, social anxiety, and other problems.

Although this article has advice for parents, it's meant for everyone. It covers the basic science, escalation of use, and changes in sexual tastes. Abridged version appeared on The Good Men Project.