Age 18 – So many benefits (121 days)

DETERMINATION = Reboot done in one go.

Why is this in the recipe? Because if you fail and relapse – every other reboot attempt becomes harder and harder until you have no motivation at all and failure becomes one huge fear. You just feel the huge pressure from the past failures and you lose the desire to try once more, you just give up.

GOALS = To measure my progress.

Why is this in the recipe? Because if you have no measurable goals then you can’t track your progress and how will you know whether you’ve accomplished anything or not? It’s not effective if you cannot measure it.

REASONS = To remember myself why am I doing this.

Why is this in the recipe?If you have no reasons written down then ask yourself why the hell are you rebooting then if you got no reason to? If you will feel an urge to relapse then it’s almost a 100% guarantee that you will because you have no reasons not to.

SUPPORT= Support means not only writing your own journal and waiting for support but also supporting others.

Why is this in the recipe? Because it plays an important part in the reboot. That’s why there are forums and answers to questions. You’re always willing to do more if you know that someone believes in you and you just don’t want to let them down. Supporting others benefits not only them but benefits you aswell. Sharing is caring. (Sharing support in this case). And you will get more support yourself if you support others. (Let’s not be selfish here, you know how important support is in our daily lifes and challenges).

CONFIDENCE = I was 100% confident that I can and will do this in one go. Results? I’ve done it.

Why is this in the recipe? Well how can you achieve something if you think you can’t? Trust yourself. You are in control of the reboot so be confident that you are able to control every single urge and that you WILL be successful while rebooting.

POSITIVITY = A great add-on to confidence.

Why is this in the recipe? Because you program yourself for success or failure. So be positive and program yourself for success. Turn every “I can’t, I won’t, it’s hard” to “I CAN, I WILL, IT’S EASY”.

HONESTY = Be completely honest with yourself.

Why is this in the recipe? Because if you edged – you edged, if you relapsed – you relapsed. Avoid lying to yourself, if you keep on lying to yourself that negative things such as those are nothing bad and you can do it again then I can guarantee that you will achieve failure. Be completely honest with yourself.

SELF DISCIPLINE= Do what needs to be done.

Why is this in the recipe? Because at some moment you will flatline and you will lose your motivation to reboot and you will start thinking about relapsing and giving up. Discipline is about knowing and doing what needs to be done in this case it means successful rebooting and defeating every urge to relapse.

Personal benefits from rebooting with this recipe: (Only the major ones due to the fact that there are so many more benefits)

  • Clearer thinking;
  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Increased energy levels;
  • Happiness of life;
  • More attracted to real women;
  • Real women more attracted to me;
  • Increased comfort zone;
  • Self-discipline training;
  • Increased concentration;
  • Clearer view of what I want to do with my life;
  • Wrote down a vision of my life in 2022;
  • Joy of giving and receiving support;
  • Getting to understand how part of the human mind works;
  • Better relationships with friends;
  • Increased spiritual development;
  • Started exercising again;
  • Increased motivation;
  • Inspiring other people;
  • Better intuition;
  • better handling of stress;
  • Better health;




Made a F.A.Q. thread.

I’ll keep it updated. Be sure to reply with your opinions and do suggest more Q’s and A’s that need adding to the list.

Q: Rebooting, is it worth it? What are the benefits of a reboot?

A: There are plenty of benefits, you couldn’t even name them all, here are a few sources of benefits that people experience during and after a reboot:






Q: How long does it take to reboot?

A: We are all individuals, for some it takes less for some it takes more to rewire our brain. An average reboot is 90 days (30+/- days). It’s highly recommend to set yourself a goal (for example 100 days) and then chunk it into smaller goals so it’s easier to achieve (at point 0 day 100 looks like reaching the moon). An example of chunking down into pieces a 100 day reboot:

  • 3 days;
  • 1 week;
  • 2 weeks;
  • 3 weeks;
  • 1 month;
  • 1.5 months;
  • 2 months;
  • 3 months;
  • 100 days.

Q: Can I go back to watching porn after reboot?

A: No. If you start watching porn again then you will lose all your progress and the reboot will be for nothing. Rebooting means completely getting rid of porn, forever and enjoying sex with real people and living a real life instead of the cybernet one.

Q: What does PMO stand for?

A: P – Porn, M – Masturbation, O – Orgasm.

Q: What does PE/ED/DE mean?

A: PE – Premature Ejaculation;

ED – Erectile dysfunction;

DE – Delayed Ejaculation.

Q: What is a flatline?

A: A period of time when you have zero libido (desire) for girls, sex or anything for that matter. But it’s only a phase and it passes.

Q: What is edging?

A: Masturbation without orgasm.

Q: Is edging ok?

A: Edging is not the best way to reboot, it’s a temptation but you could end up having an orgasm and then binge and just do a major set back in your reboot progress.

Q: Is it ok if I only watch porn once while rebooting?

A: If you want to successfully reboot in a shorter period of time then definitely no. It will set you back by somewhat 1/3 of your reboot and it could end up with a binge so you do it not only once and end up killing your whole rewiring progress.

Q: Is it ok to masturbate without porn?

A: Better choice than combining it with porn. Still, if you want to reboot successfully in a shorter period of time – you should stop masturbating as well.

Q: So where do I start?

A: First of all you can start by getting rid of your pornography collection. Delete all the videos, pictures, bookmarks. Get rid of any porn related magazines.

Q: OK. I got rid of every P related material I had in my room and my computer, now what?

A: 1) Register on the forum;

2) Sign in;

3) Go to journals section, located

4) Read this topic before making your own journal

5) Make a journal and describe your background and keep progress of your reboot while time goes by being clean from porn.

Q: I’m having a hard time staying away from porn sites, I can’t resist them. What to do?

A: You can try blocking the sites by using various methods. Some use K9 security and others use DNS server blockers to block porn sites.

Q: Is K9 security and DNS server failproof? Am I completely safe from porn now?

A: No, K9 and other blockers are not failproof. They are just like speedbumps that make you realize what you’re doing. It will just take some time searching to find some porn that wasn’t blocked. Don’t even try searching for weak spots and sites that are not blocked.

Q: My journal isn’t popular, am I doing bad?

A: Everything is alright. If you want some more activity on your journal then be supportive to others aswell, read other people journals, give advice, ask questions, be friendly and you’ll have yourself some activity on your journal in no time.

Q: Can I have sex?

A: Yes. You should try to avoid it for a bit of time if you’re experiencing ED. In any other case – go ahead. For some it tends to be the jump start that shoots libido levels through the roof. It has positive effects on your reboot.

Q: Where can I find more information about addiction to porn?

A: A great source of information is Gary Wilson’s website

Made a F.A.Q. thread. I’ll keep it updated. Be sure to reply with your opinions and do suggest more Q’s and A’s that need to be added to the list.

Purpose of the thread? Everything that you need to know is in one place.

LINK – 121 Days – One successful reboot recipe with personal experience:

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