What benefits do people see as they reboot?

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FireworksWe can no longer keep up with all the benefits reported by former porn users. You will find many quotes under each FAQ, within and below most of the articles, and in these sections:

To understand the possible neurobiology behind many of these benefits, see Porn, Masturbation and Mojo: A Neuroscience Perspective.

Users' reports about the benefits of rebooting

Note: short reports of physiological changes (which are not expected in recovering addicts) have been collected on a separate page.

If you can manage at least 3 weeks, you'll see how powerful all of this is. The clarity and lack of depression for me was extremely noticeable and you will likely feel like a different person. It gave me some hope that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me. Just having that experience of clarity and lack of depression can be a powerful thing. It’s worth it, but it can take a while to get the hang of it.

Reported Benefits: (Those marked with X is what I have personally experienced)

  • No Brain Fog (X)
  • More Confidence/Less Social Anxiety (X)
  • More Energy/Focus (X)
  • Vivid Dreams (X)
  • Can Remember Dreams Better (X)
  • Deeper Voice (Somewhat)
  • Cleaner Skin (Somewhat)
  • Hair Growth (X - Surprisingly, yes. I was balding a bit on my hairline before)
  • Muscle Growth
  • Growth Spurt/Height
  • Better Face Complexion (X): My eyes stand out more. My facial expression changes more often, and no longer looks "glossed-over" or gloomy
  • Unstifled/Don't Care What People Think (X)
  • Larger Range of Emotions (X)
  • More Libido
  • Wet Dreams (X)
  • Need Less Sleep (X)
  • Greater Perceivance of Emotions/Signals (X): This deserves some clarification. I'm better able to emphasize/understand people's emotions (and my own), and I am also able to pick up on signals/suggestions more easily (this includes attraction and implications of a person's tonality). LINK

I am retaining and storing information perfectly first time and recalling it with complete accuracy. When people speak to me to tell me things I am fully engaged and I am actively listening to them. Before my reboot I was terrible at this. I would feign listening, not remember anything and then waste time wonder what was going on, trying to teach myself from scratch and then annoying them by asking them to show me for a second or third time. I just feel sharper and more clear mentally. It is tough to accurately describe it without sounding too poetic, but you feel like you're tuned into life, you're aware of more than you were before.

At work, there are girls that I would consider to be out of my league that are now looking at me. I know this because I am looking back at them and not shying away so I am actually noticing them properly for the first time. Since stopping PMO I have noticed that I have become more aware of my desire for affection and love increasing and the best part is, I also have a girlfriend to do that with. I often felt in the past as well like I was missing something that other guys had. It was confidence, but not just because they had had sex and relationships and I hadn't. I couldn't put my finger on it but I think I could have the answer.

How many of those guys would have, without knowing it been abstaining from porn and masturbation, and only getting their orgasms through sex with their girlfriends? If that's the case then it could go a long way to explaining why I used to feel and in some cases like a second class citizen, and why I am now feeling like I am making my way slow but surely up into the major leagues. (Day 52) I didn't touch my penis with my hand, but it certainly felt firm. It stayed firm for 10 minutes and all it took was kissing, cuddling and light touching. No heavy, direct, manual stimulation, no dirty talk, no having to look at Rachel's ass, no swapping positions or trying to force anything. It was just like my brain tuned in and BAM, I was turned on. It certainly bodes well for the future.

I'd always heard about surveys where they'd say that men who don't watch porn are "more satisfied" with their sex lives. I never really knew what that was, or I thought I  was "satisfied" enough. But now, on this streak, I've seen the difference. It's like night and day! It's better in sooo many ways. More satisfying, it's a better experience  physically, mentally it's better as well. Can't even explain. Sex is soooo much better without porn

Home stretch to 90. My experience so far.

So, 3 more days and it's been a roller coaster of an adventure so far. I've experienced petty much every stage as described, from extreme horniness to flatlining. I'd been experimenting with nofap before even knowing this community existed, but now I'm in it for the long haul.

Some observations: *my voice seems to have permanently deepened

*my confidence seems indestructible; composure unflappable

*I quit smoking (was casual, but they stopped selling my brand so maybe it was the universe talking)

*I saw near immediate changes in my physique; this may have been caused by testosterone, but I was putting on more muscle without trying

*I started cycling a few months ago resulting in overall better appearance and huge energy reserves combined with nofap

*my mental focus is incredible, allowing me to start overachieving at work (it's being noticed)

*I've started dating a few women (have been single for years); I am approaching women much more easily and seem to be far more engaging. Actually, women are approaching me far more than usual.

*I have been able to accept what I am, what I think and what I feel. It's a new level of clarity and purity.

*Just booked a long solo trip; I can have engaging conversations with strangers now, so it's not as daunting as it would have been in the past.

*I've also started to not give as many fucks as I used to. Combining cardio workouts, nofap, and not giving fucks has given me a new level of resilience that I never thought possible. Some crazy things have happened to me in the last few months that a lesser version of me would have completely imploded.

To be clear though, this path may have started with nofap, but it's the combination of things that have transformed me. I recommend the same (especially the cardio workouts).

One word of warning. During periods of extreme horniness don't have sex just for the sake of it (I did). While the orgasm was amazing, dealing with the aftermath wasn't.

I am on this path (of which nofap is a part of) permanently and it's one I wish more people followed.

Hang in there if you're in the early days and start doing other stuff - you have so much time on your hands now, so get out there and get active, meet people or just walk around and be happy.

Reddit thread: Anyone else notice increased concentration?

I've always had issues focusing. In college I didn't do well unless I was on adderall. I was unable to finish a book unless it was extremely interesting. My mind would just bombard me with a million ideas or urges making it difficult to study or read. Anytime I'm on nofap my concentration skyrockets. I just finished a book yesterday That I have been meaning to read for the past 6 months. I've also had better luck applying for jobs and working on projects. Anyone else experience this?

Age 50 - Nofap cured my social anxiety, blushing, depression and negative thoughts.

My voice got deeper and I am 50. Puberty was a long time ago for me. When I was younger people used to make fun of me, "when is your voice going to break?" I sing and cannot reach notes that I could a year ago.

Why do thousands of people experience the same benefits and still suspect it may be placebo effect?

it has taken me two years of nofap too overcome my social anxiety. I love that feeling of not feeling inadequate when talking to people, even people I know well. Or stumbling, searching for words. Or saying something stupid and regretting it for the rest of the day. Glowing red from the embarrassment. Stick with nofap and don't relapse because what you have to look forward to is owning conversations and making other people squirm with your gaze. Women love it. Men not so much.

I have suffered from social anxiety and blushing all of my adult life. (I'm 50). Stopped PMO, social anxiety and blushing along with many other problems are now zero. This is no coincidence.

I think most people's favourite superpower when doing no fap is either confidence, full erection or less social anxiety, Mine has to be not being drowsy every morning. Before no fap, I heard the similar lies that having a wank makes sleeping easier, but then I would wake up drowsy after 6-7 hours sleep and driving to university with a can of red bull was the norm. Now with the same amount of sleep, (if not less due to the Tour de France) I am waking up wide awake and a being a lot happier during the day at university. I am even eating fruit again as I am not requiring smashing 3 cans of soft drinks a day. Instead an apple and banana are enough glucose for the day. Don't get me wrong, confidence has increased as well but I put that down better sleep as I am happier and enjoy the little flirt with girls now.

After only 11 days, I feel like a different person. I'm much more talkative and aware in social settings. At work, I'm on top of everything instead of forgetting things and asking people to repeat themselves. It's been over a decade since I started looking at/watching porn and this feels like this is how I truly am. (link to post)

1) Better work habits

2) My anxiety is gone

3) I'm actually reading books again for the first time in a decade

4) I've actually become a patient person

5) The most tangible (and unexpected) benefit is that my hair started filling back in. Three months ago I had developed a very noticeable bald spot on the back of my head and my hairline was thinning out and moving fast. Plus, I'd have 10-20 strands of hair come out every time I ran my fingers through my hair. Now the bald spot isn't even visible and I can clearly see little blonde hairs coming back in my hairline peaks. And no more falling-out hair. Wow. http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/age-33-several-benefits-most-importantly-...

Abstaining from PMO (though I had a bit of a slip with P a little over a week ago) has drastically changed my life, in less than a month. Now that my brain feels back in balance, I'm brimming with confidence. I'm not slouching anymore. I'm comfortable with myself. I love interacting with people. I think quickly on my feet. I'm funny! I've bought over 200 dollars worth of dress shirts and nice shorts. This will be my regular wardrobe, replacing metal t-shirts and workout shorts. Girls are giving me looks now. Hot girls have done double-takes. I notice girls glancing in my direction, twirling their hair, and all these subtle "look at me" signs.

It's like an underworld of sexual tension that I haven't experienced since high school. As I sit here writing this, there's a girl (19ish-looking) in a booth next to me who is twirling her hair and periodically glancing in my direction. I'm getting aroused just thinking of her running her cute, petite hands through her flowing dark hair. Last week I went on a blind date, set up by a friend. Cute girl, really cool, but not my type. But it was great to be officially "out there" again.

I'm becoming more "mature" by the day (by virtue of now caring about how I come across to people). Girls are everywhere I go. Opportunities everywhere. By opportunities, I don't only mean chances to talk to girls; I also mean chances to act confident, to give her a look, to see if she's looking back. If she's not, that's OK. She may be having a bad day, or she may not like my look. Whatever the case, it's perfectly OK. More girls around the corner.Over the past week, I've thought about porn for about 10 seconds. I've reconnected my home internet and haven't felt tempted at all.

I can only think about real girls. How they look, smell, walk. My random make-out session (see last entry) shocked me into life. I want real girls/women. Not gonna lie - I'd love to get with a young thing (19-20). My sexual future is looking infinitely more promising than it did a mere 3-4 weeks ago.This is so much fun.

I never thought I had ED...I managed to have sex with my wife. I just wanted porn and masturbation out of my life. Boy, was I wrong. Since my recovery my erections are way bigger, fuller and longer and the head is flared, my wife comments each time. I also remain erect even after orgasm and think I could keep it up for a loooong time. My morning wood is also bigger and fuller, I just shrug and laugh each morning , now that I realize I really had ED and was too caught in my addiction to realize it. Keep in mind I am 50, though in pretty good shape for my age and clean living.

[Hundreds more ED recovery stories]

Regarding abstaining and music: My hands are able to move more freely, they're less tense and shaky when I play guitar. I can improvise a lot better with certain scales and what not. Also creativity flows out of me when I'm drawing or playing guitar. I learn songs faster than if I were all dull-minded from watching porn. Being honest porn doesn't do much for me. I've come to the point to where I'm just not excited by it. There are times I do slip, but for the most part the cravings aren't as bad as when I started. I think it's more mental for me since I need actual physical touch; that's something that satisfies me. I'm not talking about sex...just holding a girl or something innocent like that.

I did once make it 30 days on nofap. Well, by the time I got about two and a half weeks in, the nail biting completely stopped. I  had zero compulsion for the habit. In fact, I was actually using a nail clipper like normal people do, and my nails grow very fast,  so I was clipping them regularly and they looked good. BUT, when I failed nofap and started jacking off all the time, the nail-biting quickly returned. LINK

A month into Nofap, saw a guy getting beat, badly. I actually intervened.

Long story short, he was chasing the guy, he caught up with him. Grabbed his shirt and started pounding on him up against a car, hitting him in the face and head. The aggressor was (I dont want to over exaggerate) but was bigger than me with muscular arms. And btw I am scrawny.

I stopped and quickly walked over. (not going to lie I was a bit worried for my safety and had no idea how this would go) the guy who was throwing the punches on the guy who was not fighting back I said hey RELAX hes done, he didnt stop and I walked right up to them, put my arm in front of him raised my hand and gently pushed my arm back against him to let him know I am not letting this to continue. He stopped his assault and continued yelling at him mad. Started coming toward him again where I firmly said "Hes done, you won so thats enough" I didnt leave until he left

The guy on the ground got up with blood coming down and managed to catch a breath and walk away.

Back when I was masturbating every night or if I happened to have one of those 3 faps in a day binge, theres no way I would have done shit, I would have felt too weak, shy and scared. I probably wouldnt be intimidating enough to do anything to stop it in my fap days anyway. I then would have felt like more of a shit head and pussy for not doing anything.

But this time, it was on a busy street and out of every man who saw I was the ONLY one who intervened. I cant tell you how much better I felt about myself, that he likely would have got beaten worse have I not done anything.


[Response] I had a similar situation yesterday! I often buy coffee from the gas station outside my office. For the record, I'm not scrawny, rather built, but shy. I saw a man aggressively grab one of the kids working outside. I immediately grabbed my coffee and protein bar (priorities) and ran to his aid. The angry man saw me coming, hot tailed it to his audi and drove off. I asked if the kid was okay, etc. gave him a fist bump, and headed back to work.

I can't remember ever doing something like that before, and today one of the gas station employees gave me a free coffee! Win win, really. permalink

I was just talking with a friend. He wasn’t a porn addict, but he looked at porn. He didn’t need to abstain from orgasm for a period, but he did just as an experiment. It was interesting to hear his experience from a non-porn addict perspective. He simply said that he felt super focused and felt more like the person he wanted to be. He works in a stressful, fast-paced job that requires leadership and creative skills. He mentioned that he now feels like he is able to do his job effectively and thrive in the environment. He loves self-help and go-getter stuff, so he was thrilled to have been introduced to this. He mentioned that since his experiment, he doesn’t masturbate anymore just because he is bored—because he knows the consequences now. He is having sex with women right now just because his dating life is a lot better and he doesn’t really need to rely on porn. He also says that he doesn’t waste as much semen just for the heck of it anymore. He used to release every single day. Now it’s more like every 3 or 4 days and he notices a difference.

Cleared up a brain fog that was getting so bad I was worried about early onset alzheimers (I'm 48). One of the reasons I started Nofap was that I was afraid I might have to take early retirement and didn't want to grow old alone. Now I have every expectation of another 20 productive years. That is fucking huge. And totally unexpected.

I have been off masturbation to porn for 1/3 of a year (with not that much relapse and if, then generally to mild stimuli). For sexual arousal it's obvious that more intense stimuli = less sensitivity. But, masturbation alone (if PMO, then it's amplified - if too often then fruther amplified), IMHO can somehow modify my brain's reward circuit. Like maybe desensitization. Example from real life: Ordinary things like listening to piano music, eating peaches or drinking green tea - I always loved them. But I noticed, that during last few months the pleasure got somehow more intense. Today we got peaches from our garden and eating them was 'like-orgasm' (obviously not that strong) but longer lasting. It was not just likable, but giving something that orgasm does. Or silence during late evening - I always appreciated those things, but now I'm feeling that veeery good during them. TL;DR IMHO this is reason other than meeting woman/ED/religion that stopping masturbation to porn really pays off.

My finger nail biting habit has vanished. I would compulsively chew them away, and they were always just a disgusting wasted nub at the end of my fingers.

"Music sounds better."

You know what's funny? I've come across this comment from different people many times before in the past, and I completely agree.

Peculiar effect.

I can speak my second language, French, fluently. Even though I learnt it in school for many years and live in a country where it's the main language, I  used to always stutter when speaking it and due to brain fog, I couldn't express myself well because I always forgot words and expreaaions. I was also so unconfident when speaking it because I was self-conscious of my supposed English accent. However, I can literally talk to people now as if it's  my mother tongue. The words just roll off my tongue and I don't stutter anymore. Incredible. Really. And people have the audacity to say that nofap is not magic. Superpower | Not Female Related

[A reply] I have noticed some weird things too. I don’t think I am "dulled," because I can still manage to be sharp if I have to be, but I think there was a manic component to how I thought before that might have been associated with my depression. It feels like a pretty fundamental thing to me. It’s difficult to describe, but I notice a difference. It scares me because it feels like I lost something, but then I realize how much sanity I’ve gained. Also, there are aspects of my motivation and intent that seem to be different too. I am less clear on this, but it feels like my motivation to do things is more grounded in "bigger picture" type of thinking rather than going after what feels good in the moment.

It's strange but this is the second time I've gone over two months and this time I feel like I can go on forever. My libido comes and goes but I definitely know its there if I need it. Porn, ultimately has no value. I don't consider going back all that much although the thought comes back from time to time. I think of it like smoking. Would I try one cigarette after years of quitting just to test to see if I am still addicted? Of course not. Porn isn't all that much different. Those neuron pathways are so strong that one image can send you back to binging.

Since quitting, those everyday things like talking to a friend, or seeing a girls smile, have started to take on new meanings. I want to go out, I want to socialize, I want to touch, I want to workout, I want to live. I haven't felt these emotions in 4 years. I was coming to the grips with the fact that life is dark, boring, depressing, and then I die. Fuck that ; Quitting porn has allowed me to change my mindset on the little things in life, which in turn and in time will foster greater and more bountiful rewards

[Two months] I mean so far, I feel like i have changed a lot. Let's do a list of changes after 60+ days: 

--I have respect for myself, and I will stand up for myself more, whereas before I would keep quiet, only to regret it later.

--I don't want to have sex with every girl. I do want a connection now. Before, my personality was just "Get Sex!"

--I have no interest in non productive things like playing video games or being online all day for no reason.--My body really bulked up a lot! I'm supposed to be an ectomorph, but I now look somewhere between ectomorph and mesomorph.

--My voice is more relaxed, and it comes from a lower point around my stomach. Before it was high and sounded so scared.--I want to give people value, instead of complaining about what other people lack. I'm less selfish.

--Music sounds so good to me right now. It can make breathless for a second.

--I can think long term now. I already set the date for my 90 day mark, and it doesn't scare me at all. I'm not intimidated. No one is an expert right away, things take practice.

There have been days during this reboot where I feel so lively and fun like I was having whole body orgasms or something, but then there are days when I snap and yell at people to leave me alone. It's been confusing this reboot thing, but I'm gonna stick with it.

[After a month, with a couple of mild-porn relapses] I found a personal mood pattern: the day I masturbate and the day after are great, lots of energies and very optimistic. Then the 2-3 days afterward are terrible, headaches, tiredness, laziness, mild depression at times. If I get through these (which, in the past I always failed to), I sort of balance in a "normal" mood, not too upbeat, but not depressed either, at times willing to engage in difficult tasks. The only big difference is in having more energies for physical activities, that's a sure improvement.

Another small change is that I'm more willing to try new things, I'm thinking of changing my hair and buying different clothes, of different styles. I'm getting morning wood every day and some spontaneous erections too, sprinkled throughout the day. But I never suffered of a lack of potency. Even when masturbating each day I always craved more even after a few hours. I didn't have morning wood though. So, that's a real change.

(Day 535) Some surprising side effects: when I was a PMO user, I was always ill: flu, colds etc. Since I gave up I have hardly had a day's sickness. http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/2qmg3g/woke_up_and_i_was_forty/

Anyone else feel super creative?

I've found an abundance of creative energy that I just have to do something with. I feel so in control, so powerful and so capable of doing whatever it is I set my focus on. When I'd been watching porn I had little desire to do anything other than watch porn. I'd feel like a victim to the feelings and events that life threw at me. Maybe a little 'buzz' of energy appeared now and again but it would soon be squashed by the overwhelming urges to watch porn.

Just hit the 90-day mark yesterday. Everything has been going so well that I don't even come here much for any support. Doing the challenge was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The benefits I've seen so far:

1) I have had over a dozen people comment on how I've lost weight/look better.

2) I've found more ambition and got lots of jobs done around the house which makes the wife happier.

3) Happier wife and more free time means a lot more sexytime. (In the last 3 months we've probably had more sex than in the whole year prior to nofap).

4) I can't say enough about how much better our relationship has been since cutting the PM out. It's incredible.

5) General health and mood seem to be much better. I know for a fact that I will not go back to the way I was so I'm going to keep my counter going.

Being about 60 days in, I can confirm that those periods of hopeless depression are GONE. Completely gone. And the moments I am down are usually very fleeting, and are often down to what I've eaten more than anything. (So eat good!) This has cured me of depression.

Three years this coming October for me with no porn, not counting a slip about 1.6 years ago. Occasionally I still feel a slight pull, not very much now. About a month ago I came across a porn site, saw the various links and noticed that I really had no desire to click any of them and follow them. I was quite surprised because the links had some very graphic photos, but the huge mega-magnetic pull that once existed around those images just wasn't there. That was a really nice feeling.

I used to be depressed all the time, a loner with no friends, which caused me to keep relapsing. I've been struggling with avoiding porn/masturbation for almost two years now. These days I feel amazing when I'm not PMOing- healthy, no more depression, confident. I sleep well, have more energy. About 1-2 months in, I feel clarity and so focused...like who i really am. However, wet dreams, sexual dreams without orgasm and night masturbation always seem to lead to a relapse the next day. I like to feel good again so I'm going to keep striving.

[Posted on a "depersonalization" forum] I have had DP for 1.5 years, however My DP has since gotten a lot better as of about 3 months ago. I am about 65% back to normal. I noticed that when I developed DP, my porn use increased quite a bit. I had begun watching porn every day or every other day, and I was watching quite extreme stuff. In that brain-fog state, I wasn't really aware of anything in my own life. Everything felt like a dream so I wasn't noticing this pattern.

I read something about excessive porn use being linked to social anxiety and depression. I decided it might be a good idea that I stopped. Initially I only lasted about 3 weeks and then caved, getting back heavily into both (I had to make up for lost time :P).But I noticed something during those 3 weeks. Although I still found it hard to connect with people, my social anxiety had decreased DRAMATICALLY. I could have conversations with people no problem and I was generally more excited about life. I remember my brother telling me something that made me laugh for ages, and it felt incredible to really feel that amidst DP.

For a month I abstained successfully, and noticed an exponential gain in my relationships, in forming new ones. I was focused and determined to set goals and accomplish them, and was finding pleasure in the little things in life. My Achilles heel was that I thought the fight with this thing was over and abandoned what got me to one month.

I have personal experience with both ADHD and compulsive behavior with daily porn viewing. I have ADHD (inattentive type). Based on research and personal experience, I believe that the condition of ADHD predisposes one to addictive behavior that gives "dopamine hits". ADHD is a condition of low dopamine, hence, motivation in general is a problem. I used masturbation to self-soothe (I'm guessing) as a kid and continued to use it and porn as an adult.

I have stopped using porn completely, and yes, I still have ADHD. However, I feel way better about myself. My confidence, in terms of feeling much more in control over my decisions in life, has improved substantially. Now, I can address my ADHD more directly.

It’s getting close to 2 months (60 days) now...without orgasm or masturbation, or even looking at porn. A change in my environment (I moved out of the house and left the computer desk and chair I would masturbate in at home), helped considerably. Also support from friends has helped immensely. The emotions and feelings have just been pouring out lately. I've grown close to an amazing girl whom I care for deeply and she’s very supportive

(Day 125. Age 50+) Benefits of Being PM Free:

1. Not Consumed with always thinking about Sex. As soon as I turned on the computer, and after having checked my email, headline news, and how my favorite sports teams were doing, I was off to the my “favorite” porn sites to get my daily fix. Depending on the day, it could end up in a porn binge.

2. I’m No Longer an angry person. Whenever I watched porn it would make me angry … usually at my wife for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I think subconsciously I was treating her poorly because she didn’t look or act out like the women in the movies / clips that I watched.

3. ED problems that I had for the last 18 months due to my addiction to high speed internet porn are pretty much all gone.

4. Improved Sex Life. My wife and I are enjoying great sex. We are incorporating Kareeza and are enjoying the bonding behaviors that go with it. Our lovemaking is slow and sensual. We are connecting emotional, mentally, and spiritually.

5. I get more work done. Since I’m not wasting time online viewing porn, I get more work done. In fact, I’m way ahead of my schedule so that many of my “Honey-do’s” are done before Saturday / Sunday – which means I can watch football!!

6. Women are no Longer viewed simply as sex objects. I’m no longer looking at women and wondering what they look like naked and what they’re like in bed. I now see them as ladies and am beginning to appreciate their outer and inner beauty.

7. I have a new love and appreciation for my wife of 30 years. Because I am no longer looking at porn, we have grown closer and are enjoying doing things together as couple, both in and out of the bedroom.

8. I am a whole lot happier as a person!

9. FREEDOM!!! I got my life back. I’m no longer a slave to my addiction!

10. No more viruses on my computer

Today is my first week free of porn after about 12 years of daily use (I'm 26) … I'm avoiding anything sexually arousing while browsing on the net, and I'm cuddling more with my girlfriend. We had sex one time since then and it was a lot more personal, sensual and rewarding than it used to be. It's interesting to realize that it was my porn addiction that eventually ruined my previous relationship of six years. I don't really mind, because my current girlfriend and I are much more suited to each other. I'm with her since 2 years. But it was frightening to see that even though number two had a much better and healthier mindset about sexuality than my ex-girlfriend, our relationship was deteriorating in the same pattern as my previous one.

I don't depend on sleep as much anymore. I can wake up in the morning and not feel over-exhausted or anxious to start the day. I can manage on 6 hours sleep compared to the 9 I needed before.

Masturbation is a real mystery. People like to talk about how it's healthy and a human need. That may be so for some, but it negatively affects me, especially when combined with porn. Cutting out porn improves my energy, skin and drastically improves the under-eye circles.

Another NoFap benefit: Better singing skills :-D

My voice is much louder and more powerful; Some tones, especially higher ones which I literally had to press out in the past (my  voice is quiet deep) are now far more easy going. And in general the singing was much more fun.

After trying and failing nofap multiple times (going on many consecutive streaks of 3 or less days) I have finally strung together a few longer streaks. And other than insane confidence around girls and better moods, the main benefit of no fap to me has been as an acne treatment. After these consecutive long streaks my face is almost entirely clear! And this is coming from someone who almost went on Accutane! NoFap has changed me as a person. I went from having no self confidence to having tons. I strongly recommend nofap to anyone trying to enhance there life. http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/2r19al/nofap_the_miracle_acne_tre...

the main benefit of no fap to me has been as an acne treatment. After these consecutive long streaks my face  is almost entirely clear! And this is coming from someone who almost went on Accutane!

Just over a week ago I noticed some red spots on my penis. It felt a little tingly or itchy but not too bad. The feeling would come and go. So to be on the safe side I went and got myself tested. I got tested for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia. Blood sample, urine sample and two penile swabs. All very quick and not half as painful as the stories made out when I was a teenager.One thing that the nurse did say was to stop using shower gel to wash my penis as it interferes with the natural fauna i.e. the naturally occurring bacteria that look after everything. Now before my reboot I would have disregarded this advice as crazy. I didn't wash my penis with shower gel then it would stink. But I learned a while ago that the stink was basically due to dried semen. Upon ejaculation most of it is sent out of the penis and it's fine. But when masturbating, my penis would be held vertically and some of the semen would always get onto the head of my penis and when left under the foreskin for even a few hours without being washed it would smell pretty bad.The upside of not ejaculating to porn is that my smell is completely neutral. So for now, instead of giving it my daily thorough and vigorous wash with shower gel (albeit non scented shower gel) I am now just pulling back the foreskin and firing water at it with the shower head. No gel, soap or anything else. It's actually working really well. I feel just as clean as I always did, if not more so, because I am not suffering from neuro-chemical chaos and brain fog.

I completely stopped biting my nails. A dumb habit I picked up a long time ago and couldn't get rid of. I completely did not realize this fact until week 2.

Let's take this slowly. You seem confused, a lot! I'll first explain some of the benefits that others and I felt from nofap. My longest streak was 21 and I'll tell you what happened in just those 3 weeks. Important to mention that I take nofap and noporn as one and the same, because at least for me one paves the way for the other. So to proceed...

  1. More energy, in fact the best feeling is when I am horny. I accomplish so much in terms of productivity. It's just important not to > think about sex at all. Whenever a thought comes to your mind you just replace it with some other non arousing. That way you also develop control over your thoughts and as we all know 'You are as you think'. By thinking about pussy you become a pussy :P
  2. Better concentration and memory. I can easily take on complex mathematical or engineering problems and solve all my homeworks without help from others. Whereas before it was the opposite. More importantly I remember names when people introduce themselves to me and I don't get easily distracted. This will definitely help your ADHD
  3. Better, shorter sleep. Before I needed 9.5 hours to feel rested. Nowadays it's 6, but when I managed to reach 3 weeks I would feel perfect with just 5.5 hrs of sleep. More vivid dreams. They are like movies and I have them almost every night. Before it was once in 6 months. I don't feel so tired anymore. Before I would always feel extremely exhausted no matter how much I sleep or eat.
  4. Deeper voice and more muscle mass. That's self explanatory. Testosterone doesn't get wasted down the drain so it can be used for > something more useful like defining your manhood through physiology.
  5. Confidence. When I walk down the street I don't feel uncomfortable anymore. I can speak to anyone, girls too without stuttering and feeling shy. It's not that I became arrogant, I just regard myself on footing with others whereas before I always felt inferior. Social anxiety completely flew out of the window.
  6. I am much more ambitious and motivated. I have goals that I am reaching one by > one and when I work on something I give the best of myself. No more > that feeling that I can't do it, or that it is too difficult. I have that 'Yeah, let's do this shit' attitude.
  7. Clear thinking. I finally feel like a human being because I can think > and analyze things. No more mental fog and thoughts racing through > my mind that I cannot control
  8. Oddly enough my nose isn't running anymore. Now I can breath and have more stamina. Before, when I run i felt my heart was going to explode. I feel there is some relation between porn/fapping and weakening of the heart.
  9. No more pimples on face and on the back

Overall more positive and even idealistic. No more pessimism and laziness

Hello nofappers and lurkers,I just hit 30 days. Aww yeeeah.Okay, there's so much I want to talk about, but I'll try to keep it brief.Before I say anything else, I want to say this: nofap didn't fix any of my issues. I still have them. But I have experienced some awesome benefits:

First off, I finally have energy again! I haven't felt this good since high school. It's not like I'm Hulk or anything, but I finally have extra energy to DO stuff. I spent most of my early 20's in a state of low energy and mild depression. I attribute like 80% of it to the fact that I was PMOing twice a day. Now that I've stopped, I've been exercising, being more social, and generally enjoying life.

  • really digging on all the women. There are women everywhere! Many are gorgeous. When I was PMOing constantly, I'd criticize women in my head. Like, how they weren't attractive. Now my body just tells me who I find attractive, and some of it surprises me!
  • Again, I'm not magically a massive player. But the part of me that is good with women is easier to access. And I have a LOT more courage. I think it comes down to fear vs desire -- which is stronger? The fear hasn't changed much yet. But the desire is finally tipping the balance... towards taking action. And that's an awesome feeling.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, I finally have gotten my life together. My job is challenging and rewarding, and I was able to meet my challenges. Fueled by my energy from nofap, things just seem much more... possible. I'm thinking bigger and bigger!
  • A little bit of advice... Cravings did get pretty bad a few times.
  • The best thing I did for myself was to be busy. I usually have a good way to channel my energy. It makes it a LOT easier not to relapse. Exercise is a GREAT way to spend extra energy.
  • I have relapsed once so far. It was because I edged. DONT EDGE. Just don't.

THis is one of the best online communities I've found so far! You guys rule, thanks to everyone who gave me support. I try to give back!

Rebooting and other qualities that make women attractive

Just a thought bubble that I've been wanting to post but keep on forgetting.

When we're rebooting, a lot of time is spent on the journals talking about how much the women are so much more attractive when we go without PMO and normally we talk about attractiveness as in physical attractiveness. I'm just wondering if anyone else is noticing other qualities that make a woman attractive?

I was watching the Olympic Games and something weird happened when I'm watching female sports. I ogled at fit and hot bodies. For once I started to think that the fact that female athletes are hot not only because they're attractive but because they're good at their sport. If you take tennis as an example. Short skirts and legs are good and everything, but I never noticed how sexy they are when they've got that focused look when waiting for their opponent to serve.

And I'm finding that's increasingly the case around me as well. I saw a hot and attractive older woman the other day and started thinking "Cougar" or "milf". Then I saw that she's holding hands with and smiling at her waddling three year old son. She was, in other words, just being the m in milf and her hotness went off the charts. I've saw a cute university student walked past me the other day to the train station and got a boner off the fact that she was holding a thick economics textbook (Looks like I dig smart girls).

Not saying that a hot ass or a nice rack doesn't attract my attention. But I guess that's a byproduct of watching porn. You see a girl walk into the scene and you don't give a rat's ass about what she's like, what her interests are, all you know is that she's got a nice (insert body part here) and she's going to get nailed. And then that mindset transfers itself to how you see women in real life. Then you go rebooting and this mindset starts to wear off.

Anyone else discovering their true needs?

After quitting porn, I'm finding that I really don't want to do any of the depraved things I've seen in porno movies to actual women. Really, I just want to have someone to talk to, hold their hand, and cuddle with. I mean, yah I wanna get laid too, but that isn't so much the focus in my mind anymore.

(GUY 2)

I know what you mean.  I have pretty much totally abandoned my old fetish driven ways of looking at woman, and it only took a little more than 30 days without PMO to get there.  I'm not saying that I don't still look at women, I'm just saying that I am very content with my spouse and am no longer distracted by my former fetishes so much anymore.

It's good to feel free from all of that.

As crazy as it seems many guys report less acne acne and clearer skin. The following thread contains many such claims:

does anyone else notice their skin clearing up and looking healthier or any health benefits when they stop fapping?

  • Yes - it has been the first thing that I have noticed about no fap. My face is perfect and previous acne on my buttocks has cleared up completely.
  • In the summer, I was 25 days fap-free, and my skin was definitely glowing.
  • I am in my 20`s and have noticed this and had a few people comment on it. Just brighter skin somehow.

I am able to communicate more effectively, i no longer stutter like I used to. Words which i need to say simply pop into my head, as opposed to getting to a point in a conversation and forgetting everything that I was thinking there and then. Now, my messages get across. http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/age-24-ed-brain-fog-gone-happier-more-pro...

Age 27 - I feel like a man should feel, social anxiety gone! (stuttering gone)

Now, you all know that I stutter a lot (as I have continuously wrote). I also recently self diagnosed myself as having tourette's syndrome because I always do random noises and movements. When I was at 11 days no pmo. Stuttering was down about 80%. Tourette's syndrome or the dudden movements/noises I was doing was down 80-85%.

This is myself saying what I experienced so from some people out there, don't say I'm wrong and that I blame pmo for a lot of my problem. I blame pmo for causing major problems such as stuttering, tourette's syndrome, low confidence, social anxiety. By stopping pmo, I can gain increased confidence I need to cure my social anxiety such as talking to people, making friends etc.

Now for the stuttering and tourette's syndrome I have found that high dopamine level can cause these abnormalities. Also in the article lists many other sicknesses such as depression, anxiety, and nervousness. Now I don't know if pmo and continuous high dopamine levels have a connection. I would think that dopamine levels in the brain spike only during a guy's pmo session. But there's still lots of question unanswered. I will leave the article link below and you can decide for yourself. Maybe we can learn something if we generate a discussion. (LINK)

So, many of us have already experienced the really vivid and sometimes lucid dreams (actually mine have tapered off since day 30 tbh), but what else have you noticed? For me, I've noticed that comedy is at least 10 times as funny as before. I really laugh so hard compared to when I was in trapped in the numbness of fap-fog when I would barely smile. It's really fun! (Victory! Dopamine receptors are returning!) - Cool side-effects

Unexpected benefit

I always thought it was strange how people would say they would get chills listening to some music. Well now, after a while of nofap, I get them too. And by Jove, its a glorious feeling.

Is it all porn's fault?

PMO is an energy sponge.  While abstaining from it won't automatically get you a girlfriend, a better job, more money, help you move house, become more creative, etc. it unlocks the drive to do those things.

Think of a car.  You know how to drive the car; you've already learned how to drive.  You also know the exact destination you want to get to.  You get in the car with all the will in the world of driving to your destination.  You turn the keys, and the car doesn't start.  There is no petrol in the car.  No matter how many times your turn the ignition and press the pedals, the car won't move.

PMO drains your body fuel.  You might know exactly what you need to do to make your life better, but you can't seem to muster the energy and focus to do it.

Look at me.  I want to move out.  I want a career change.  I want to become fluent in guitar and piano.  I have a grand collection of books on my shelves, about 10% of which I have actually had the patience to finish or the ability to remember reading.  PMO takes away my focus and concentration, and tricks me into thinking that these things are not worth the effort that it will take, and that I'm not capable of achieving them anyway.

I'm not sure how many times we need to be going over this stuff.  It's all on YBOP.  Your pre-frontal cortex is the sensible logical you, telling you to improve your life and move on.  Your limbic system is the imbalanced, undisciplined you that wants the easy option.  PMO tips the balance in favour of the limbic system winning every time.  PMO helps you back the wrong horse time and time again, despite your ability to take into consideration all the things your higher logical functioning is telling you.

Rebooting fills your car with petrol.  Then, when it's done, you turn the keys and you go.  You still have to drive the car, and you still have to remember where to go, but it's possible now.  It's doable.

Regarding the 'Motivation is bullshit, just do it anyway' concept, it's a nice idea, but paradoxically it's somewhat of a misnomer.  You can't just 'do something anyway' regardless of motivation, because all actions are dictated by motives.  There is a reason for every minuscule action you have ever done, and will ever do.  Your brain feeds you this reasoning, and the body responds.

Don't have the motivation to workout today? Fuck motivation! Do it anyway!  That's the scenario right?  Well, if you take any conscious action that is contrary to your current emotional state, then there must be an underlying motivation to take this course of action, or you wouldn't do it.  You still have the motivation to get fit - you want to look good, you want girls to pine after you.  The difference is, you don't feel like it is worth the effort.  So you're not really talking about denouncing motivation, you talking about overriding your sympathetic emotional state that keeps you constantly looking for a comfort blanket.

I think the theory of treating pain and discomfort as a physiological discipline that reaps genuine progression is much closer to the mark.  It's something worth exploring.  Just remember that we need the motivation to take those actions, and use it for harnessing the mental strength to override your current emotional whims.

Is it all porn's fault?

We're all unique cases, despite certain overlapping traits.  Some of us may still be fully-functioning human beings with independence, a good job and even a partner.  But in my case, PMO has imbalanced my brain in favour of the limbic system to such a degree that my personal, professional, social and familial lives have all suffered drastically as a consequence.  I've had my foot on the gas all along (ambition/motivation) but I didn't have any petrol (energy/discipline).  Rebooting (fully and successfully) will help me refuel.  Then I can drive all the way to my destination. 

(Day 90, age 17) I used to have eye twitches, that's pretty much gone now. Acne's better too.

NoFap cured my perfectionism

I noticed it after 1,5 week on the first try of NoFap. I had a test in school the next day and I knew that I wasn't fully prepared. Usually I would go insane; hate myself, get scared and acquire huge anxiety.

This time when I was going to study I thought to myself; I will study hard and do my best but if it doesn't go too well, that's fine. Because in the end this test will be to non importance.

I had never thought that I would think this way in my life, but I am sure grateful for that I have now. Today I don't have to take things too serious anymore and I can just live my life in a much calmer state!

Becoming more empathetic after quitting PMO...?

Among the many things that have improved in my life since my last PMO has been an unexpected increase in my empathy for others. As a general rule, I care about other people but I nevertheless don't have much empathy or ability to understand or share what other people are feeling. When something bad happens to someone else, I can logically accept that they might be feeling bad about it but I don't really feel bad myself.

Over the past few months (without PMOing), though, I've actually found myself to be much more sensitive about other peoples' struggles and I've actually "felt their pain" in a way that I never really have before. I have found myself grieving with others a little bit, and I've even been able to express my concern in ways that I never would have before.I don't know if this is related to not PMOing, but I'm willing to consider the possibility that it is. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

I'm loving how much thicker and fuller my penis is at all times now. I swear to God I catch women looking directly at it when I'm on a streak, and some of them even do it DELIBERATELY. No joke. Never fapping again boys, you're only 21 once. Waking up with a full boner ready to take on the world is the best feeling ever.

Ever since i started nofap, music sounds awesome

One of the best reasons to nofap is music. Yes music made me do 100 pushups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. Sometimes music used to be depressive and boring. Now i feel so connected and it just sounds so awesome! I feel like dancing. Music everyone! It's great to keep you motivated!

OCD-like symptoms are fading

Ever since I got heavy into porn, I've always noticed that I've had some minor symptoms of OCD. It was nothing serious, but if things weren't in a certain order around my room, it was hard for me to concentrate on my work. Now, it's like they've completely vanished. I'm still a generally organized person, but it's much lower on my list of priorities. I will get the important stuff out of the way, before I start organizing my shit. Anybody else notice this.

Day 3 - They are all beautiful

It was 9:50am. I had seen 4 women already and they are all 3 times more beautiful than 2 days ago.

NoFap makes women more beautiful! But . . .

... beautiful in a much deeper meaning. I see more clearly who women are. They are so much more beautiful if you think of them more than just something you want to have sex with. Look at their faces and the wonderful way they communicate with you in so many non-verbal ways. Women light up all of my senses. They are experts in communication I have lacked in so much of my shy and anxious life. Porn perverts so much more about how truly wonderful and beautiful women are.

Look at the beautiful women, talk and laugh with them, understand who they are. When you know how beautiful they are, you will find one you can't live without. When you have your one, marry her, and never let her go. Tell her how much you love her every day.

I have my one, and we have made three, beautiful daughters that I hope find men that love them for who they are. Women are more beautiful these days for me, but my wife the most gorgeous women I have ever seen . She lights my life in so many ways, and I can't wait to get home to see her. Porn only disappoints, while my wife keeps expanding my desires to levels I didn't know I had a month ago. Not only sexually, but desires in other ways I can't describe in words.

Keep moving forward my friends, I think life just gets more beautiful from here. It has for me. Thank you for your support.

30 yo male here. I stopped looking at porn a little over a month ago. I read from a few different sources the effects of dopamine depletion from watching porn and masterbating a lot and how it decreases pleasure. It's really true that simple things feel better. I seriously feel kind of high after eating, it's crazy. http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/2r467p/even_eating_is_better/

A compilation of benefits people have noticed

nbsp;by TRSV

DISCLAIMER: this is a compilation of changes, found in reports from people who have quit pmo for a certain period of time, that you may of may not feel when you undergo this challenge. These are also mainly the positive changes. They are, however, general changes that most people see that you can most likely expect from undergoing this challenge.

DISCLAIMER: although r/nofap is directed to both men and women and straight/gay/bi, these effects will focus on those that straight men undergo. There may also be some things that do not apply to you (e.g. Improved grades in school), but those have an equivalent for others (e.g. Improved productivity at work).

I have compiled this list mostly to convince myself of all these benefits (and wow am I now motivated to keep going) and because I will possibly one day use this to write an essay about nofap. I, however, also wanted to share this with you guys.



  • Increased happiness/pride/joy/confidence/calmness
  • Happiness is found in simpler things (a walk, a nice meal, music)
  • Experiencing more emotions, feeling less numb to life
  • Loving/accepting yourself
  • Taking a stand for yourself/not backing down/stating your opinion
  • Increased hope, a better future always seems obtainable, no matter how difficult things get


  • Less social anxiety/fear of judgement
  • Initiate conversation more often
  • Increased conversational skills/eye contact/smiling
  • Increased vocabulary/words come to you more easily
  • Feel more in touch with other people (and their emotions)


  • Real women look more attractive
  • More attention to interaction/physical touch than the visual
  • Increased motivation to meet/talk to women (butterflies won't go away, but your sex drive will provide a counter-force to overcome them)
  • Creation of a magnetic "sexual aura", a sexual energy that attracts more attention from women both known and unknown
  • Feel less intimidated in the presence of an attractive woman
  • Better sex (enjoying the sex itself, not just pursuing orgasm)


  • Increased determination, energy and productivity (i.e. reading, writing, drawing, working out...)
  • Increased quality of sleep


  • Better posture/appearance (i.e. by working out + clearer skin, less acne)
  • Increased athletic performance (stamina, physical strength
  • Deeper/more manly voice
  • (Increased vision has been reported by very few people)


  • Increased clarity of mind/loss of brain fog
  • Increased concentration/focus (i.e. better grades)
  • Better decision making (both short- and long-term)
  • Improved memory
  • Less mood swings


  • The urges to PMO do not go away completely, but you don't feel like acting on them anymore. You just put your energy into doing other things
  • Most people undergo a flatline at some (or more) point(s) during this challenge (decreased libido)
  • If you do relapse, you are way more likely to be sickened by the extremes in porn you used to find arousing
  • Fantasies/old videos still pop up in your head, but it's easier to get rid of them now
  • More wet/porn/masturbation dreams

(Note: if it weren't for nofap, I wouldn't have even put any effort into making this list and then formatting it to put it on reddit)

TL;DR: nofap changes your life

stopping PMO helps control my alcoholism

Just a note in case anyone is interested, I think stopping my PMO/MO addiction has had really positive effects on my subsequent efforts to control my drinking and weed smoking. I've always been a heavy drinker and smoker, I quit drinking years ago for about a 5 year period but it was a battle, a very difficult process. Eventually I started drinking again and subsequent efforts to not drink always failed. I generally could not go one night without some sort of drink/smoke. If I tried I'd honestly freak out a bit due to intense cravings and end up at the liquor store or bar to get my fix. Cravings for booze were always stronger than for weed as its easier to get, literally its always right around the corner. I stopped PMO/MO in October and have noticed that in the last few weeks my cravings for booze are largely gone. Last week I went Sunday-Thursday without any drinking, and without a struggle against cravings, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

I have a theory that the PMO life made my dopamine so up and down that the cravings I experienced were due to that, and the use of booze was to 'smooth' them out. Remove the PMO and the ups/downs are gone so the booze is not necessary. While I still enjoy drinking (too much I know) I don't feel that intense need for it anymore, at least at the present time. Further, I am able to sleep without drinking which is such a relief. In the past if I didn't get a drink I could not sleep which would lead to problems at work, so I always drank to ensure I could sleep.

I feel much stronger and more self-confident and I've noticed that I'm talking much slower and more understandable. In the past I often stammered which seems to be over now and furthermore my voice is much deeper. Link to post

Why does music sound so much better?

Like I swear it sounds 30 percent better and I instantly zone in on it. It feels like I’m high and I get goosebumps all over my body. And my energy is pulsing through me like I’m about to start soaring off the ground like an eagle. This is after just 2-3 weeks of full semen retention. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?

NoFap changed a VERY important thing in my life

I play guitar a lot, heavy thrash metal player. Inspired By Metallica.

Most of you know that when you’re not fapping all the time, you notice some hidden notes in music, some hidden riffs you couldn’t hear, etc'..

A big part of my life is music. I like listening to Metallica and different kinds of bands a lot. And I noticed on a lot of their songs right now I’m hearing riffs I never heard, which make me so happy to realise that because I’m not fapping and wasting semen, I’m getting so many benefits that are really making me a better human being and also letting me catch up on some stuff I didn’t even knew existed. It's like magic!

Nofap eliminated my gambling addiction

27 male. I started gambling 3 years ago, heavy. Gambling always made me feel good when i won but when i lost it just added to my problems. I would PMO, wasn't that interested in my gf (lost her earlier this year), and spend weekends at the casino. I loved a cigar and gambling and it was my only social interaction. The wins would make me feel victorious and accepted. But then I kept losing. I got a therapist through the Admit-it program and she would always give me sessions and I would talk about my problems but she could never help me get to the CORE of the problem..

Fast forward to my almost day 90 mark, I have no desire to gamble at all! I have good social interactions and I went out with 2 girls with my friend this past weekend and one of them that we had no chemistry, we still made out and felt each other up, and I found out LATER that she had a bf. Spend $80 at the bar but its a FRACTION of what i would lose weekly at the casinos. I think from PMO exhaustion and brain fog and the depression, the gambling gave me even more dopamine rush. PMO exhausted, money losses, credit card companies calling me and I had to constantly lie to them, I was a mess. Now I am cured from it! Didn't even go through any rehab! Haven't gambled in a while.

Thank you noFap!

I am 24. Started masturbating since i was 16. The frequency varied, i have sometimes done it 7 times in a day, and used it to run from things that made me sad, i used to get a temporary high after masturbating and would find it easier to sleep. I have been simultaneously abstaining from porn, masturbation and meditating for half an hour a day (15 mins before sleeping 15 mins after waking)
here are some of the benefits i noticed
-definitely a deeper and more manly voice
-feeling better about myself in general
-words come to my mind quickly instead of searching for the right word when in a conversation
-i am more coherent in my arguments and can identify quickly if the other person is going off-track
-dark circles under the eyes have reduced alot. Eyes feel a lot more alive and healthier, i used to be sensitive to the morning sun, it seems to have reduced a lot
-better digestion
-deeper sleep, i wake up feeling as rested as i used to when i was a teen, have been having sleep problems since abt 4 yrs.
-way better memory. Almost photographic, the kind i used to have in school
-i am reasonably intelligent and would solve puzzles and riddles in my spare time but sometime back, the will to do things had decreased, after abstaining i feel like challenging my brain again.
-finding happiness in simpler things like having a nice meal, watching national geographic, listening to music, or simply walking around
-the erections that i get now are much more "tight" i feel..like really hard, i could break something wid it..haven’t experienced such strong erections since quite some time
-more energy..this one is definitely noticeable, i don’t feel drained out all the time..as the day passed i usually used to feel more and more tired,now i feel i can live through one more day without sleep
-a change in skin complexion.
-the meditation sessions have also become more relaxing and focused
-a renewed desire to see movies

The absolute strangest side-effect of my new NoFap lifestyle (or why I absolutely know I'll never go back).

I've been feeling a number of side effects from the NoFap lifestyle already, but most of those can be easily explained/seen. Losing desire to gamble or eat junk food, increased confidence around women, etc. But I recently encountered something that has made me 100% sure I'll never go back: I can dream again.

Because of some stuff in my past, I lost the ability to dream four years ago. People have said, 'oh that's because we dream but forget, etc.' But it wasn't like that. I went from having lucid, vivid, and easily remembered dreams to not being able to dream even with triggers (consumables, habits, etc.)

But now I can. Is it because I'm not fapping? Probably not. But something in my life has changed so that I'm slowly approaching the way I used to be. And it's not as though they're sexual: the last dream I had, I was hanging on the underside of a helicopter as it flew through dreamscapes and cities. I accidentally opened porn when I was browsing yesterday, and I felt a wave of emotions that weren't what I expected. I felt a little disgusted and bored with it. I didn't have any problem closing it without a temptation to continue on.

If anyone could explain the science behind it, I'd like to hear it.