Nowadays I am highly focused on success rather than playing video games all day wondering why I’m not happy.

I’ve finally reached the elusive 90 day goal, so often discussed on this subreddit. This however was not my first attempt, it is roughly my 10th attempt over a period of about 2 years. This is important to note as many successful people will tell you success is comprised of many failures or, as novelist Oliver Goldsmith said “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.” Hopefully that will encourage some of you who are feeling down or mourning their last streak, to get back on track.

Before NoFap 90 days ago I began NoFap as part of a quest to improve my life. I suffered bad social anxiety and had always felt as though I was an outsider among my social circles, all while dealing with my own insecurities.

After 90 Days 90 days later and I still have these problems, however that is not the point. As stated in the FAQ “NoFap is not a panacea” – It will not cure you of all your ills, that is down to your efforts, something I have learnt along my way. NoFap to me is like a tool to help you fix these issues – the extra ounce of motivation we all sometimes need to push ourselves. I have been working on my insecurities and dealing with my social anxiety – two problems I do believe are common among members of this subreddit.

I have began working out as a means of reducing my insecurities and to have fun. My progress has certainly helped with this, I highly recommend starting working out if you haven’t already /r/fitness has a whole host of beginner programs to get you started if you’re a clueless noob like I was.

It is important to note that I’m still not exactly a social butterfly yet. However I have been working hard to get comfortable with talking to others outside of my close friend group. One redditor posted in this sub about the three second rule. Seriously, it works. Just say “hi” within three seconds of seeing somebody, without thinking, whenever you find yourself in an uncomfortable social situation, most of the time a conversation will ensue. Beginning the conversation is the hardest part for me, once that’s over it only gets easier.

Tips For Nofap.

  • Cold Showers! – I’m sure most people who frequent this sub are sick of hearing about them, but seriously they crush urges like a ton of bricks. They also wake you up and make you feel like a badass. If you struggle with them which I know many do, don’t put it on full cold, work your way down until you get to the lowest temperature. Don’t listen to those who say “only way is ice cold.” etc. Do what works for you.
  • Workout!– In the same way as cold showers these wreck your libido and transform urges into useful energy.
  • Use a day counter app if you have a smartphone.– Days+ worked for me on iPhone. Seriously some will tell you “it’s not about the day count” etc. However when you’re feeling urges and you aren’t on reddit it can be nice to quickly check how you’re doing as a means to keep yourself motivated.
  • Do something on the YBOP tips and tricks list.

Final Words.. It’s been a great experience and I have began to appreciate the beauty of the world. I’ve matured and grown alot over the time period. Nowadays I am highly focused on success rather than playing video games all day wondering why I’m not happy. I can look myself in the mirror and brave a smile now. I highly recommend trying the 90 day challenge. I will answer questions in the comments below, however I will not be around this subreddit much longer. After so long you stop feeling the need to come back and visit the sub and become more independent. One quote that I owe my success goes “Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that.” I didn’t see the significance of this until about day 78 where I was ready to relapse, but in a moment of insight I remembered this quote and fought through it, if you’re a long time NoFap member you’ll know what I mean. Anyway so long brothers, sisters and friends, good luck with your streaks. Stay strong it is time for me to go and face my battles alone.

PS: Sorry in advance for formatting issues. I know there will definitely be some here I’ll try and fix them. As mentioned before – questions are welcome.

LINK – [90 Days] – My Experience

by lzczox